Amir Khan Vs. Kell Brook: Still (Driving Us) Crazy After All These Years

British stars Amir Khan and Kell Brook should have fought years ago, around a decade ago in fact. Yet for whatever reason or reasons, the grudge-match Eddie Hearn has been desperate to make for longer than the promoter probably cares to remember has failed to materialise. Yet now, in another interview where he states “hopefully we can make the fight between me and Kell happen,” Khan has said there are fresh talks, the fight to perhaps take place early next year some time.

Speaking with Mail Online, Khan said he thinks the fight is “a great idea,” and the former 140 pound champ said he think “it’s getting very close to it now.” Of course we’ve heard this all before many times over, only for the fight to never get done. Will it finally happen in 2020, when Khan will be 33 years old and former IBF welterweight champ Brook will be pushing 34? Do you still want to see this fight? Only last month, Khan was urging “damaged” Brook to retire.

Neither former champion really has anywhere else to go, certainly nowhere that would pay them as much money as this fight still would, But again, is this a fight that still has significant fan interest, at least here in the UK? Hearn said earlier this week he feels so, and that he is prepared to “roll the dice” once more in an effort at making the domestic showdown that could only be dubbed “Finally!” And naturally, if the fight did happen next year, it would go out on pay-per-view, or Box-Office, here in the UK, and it would almost certainly pull in respectable numbers even though both men are way past their best.

It’s no longer anywhere near as big as it once was, or could and should have been, but Khan Vs. Brook is a fight that has simply refused to go away. It’s driven some of us crazy with anticipation, but are you still crazy to see a Khan-Brook showdown?