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Gavin Rees isn’t just some bum turnin up for a pay check he believes he can win .If he can remains to be seen this guy could go twelve rounds with hurt pride so it ain’t no fore gone conclusion of a walk over for Broner

Posted April 9, 2013 7:47 pm 


Broner better than Floyd, hahahaha that’s pretty funny.

Posted January 23, 2013 3:05 am 


Mayweather created this style(?) when he was younger his style was totally different, more open and he moved a lot more, almost like Roy Jones jr. Broner is good, but he will never be another Floyd.

Posted January 21, 2013 5:26 pm 


Rees is no Rios clone… Gets hit with everything… Isn’t the real deal… Can’t win.

Posted January 21, 2013 3:04 pm 


I dont class myself as a fan of Mayweather ….. but defensively you dont get much better. Mayweather is one of the best fighters of the last 25 years …… Broner has done nothing to even come close to being better than Mayweather in any catagory. Broner is one to watch though.

Posted January 21, 2013 12:58 pm 


lol ….. that is a funny one.

Posted January 21, 2013 12:54 pm 


The writer is delusional, but the fact is Broner will only be tested at 140lbs not at 135lbs. Burns will KOed by Broner. Why did he skip Broner?

Posted January 21, 2013 4:03 am 


right Mayweather in all his fights has only been touched a few times. Mos;ey rocked him twice ohh big deal he came back and beat him from pillar to post. Broner hasnt got the same skills as Floyd problem is he makes adjustments in the fight like he did with Cotto Mayweather is unbeatable right now..Broner its too early to tell yes he has the shoulder roll Floyd is has more knowledge.

Posted January 20, 2013 11:55 pm 


Better defensively? Than Mayweather? Come on, man. Better fighters than Broner’s been in the ring with didn’t land a single clean punch on Mayweather in 12 rounds. I’m not saying that Broner isn’t a good defensive fighter, because he is. But Mayweather doesn’t even get touched unless he’s in with a pfper, and sometimes not even then.

Posted January 20, 2013 7:37 pm 


I have nothing to say.

Posted January 20, 2013 1:39 pm 

stupid loser

Mark, I agree completely. It’s hard to give any credibility to this writer with the statement “Broner is a better version of Mayweather in my view. He’s got better defensive skills”. Broner has got a great future, but given who he has fought compared to Mayweather, how do you make that claim?

Posted January 20, 2013 12:43 pm 


This is a paycheck for Broner, a stay busy fight, a payoff, a gimme some money fight. Rees will be cut, banged up and stopped by the fifth round. HBO shows the same movies over and over, we can rent movies for a dollar from a machine, we don’t want to see fights where we know who will win, lame!!

Posted January 20, 2013 9:40 am 


Stop leaving comments for this fool he’s doing it to get a rise out of us!!!!!!!!

Posted January 20, 2013 8:58 am 

Mick the Marmalizer

Fenner: He’s just an attention seeker. Ignore him & with a bit of luck he may well disappear up his own arse! ;-)

Posted January 20, 2013 7:50 am 


Rees ain’t the man to put him to the test.

Posted January 20, 2013 4:00 am 

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Gavin Rees sees Broner as a Mayweather clone; he doesn’t think he’s the real deal

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