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I fully agree with the writer that Wach’s corner should have stopped the fight after the 8 th round . It was fully evident , that serious damage or worse can happen if such an unslaught would continue . It is to Wlad’s credit that he visibly relented in the later rounds . He was not about to make any stupid mistakes , but Wlad obviously eased up on the attack . Perhaps Wach realized this because to HIS credit , after the fight , when everybody was applauding the STILL Chamion , Wach joined in with a most enthusiastic applause of his own . By doing this ,
he not only showed courage in the ring , but class after his defeat , when it must have been real painful for him .
An example well woth following . As for his loss , there is no shame in fighting bravely and losing to the best . He has
my respect and I wish him the best . !

Posted November 12, 2012 7:01 pm 

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Wach should take a long break to recover from loss to Wladimir

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