Robert Guerrero Ready To Proceed With His Career on Saturday against Selcuk Aydin

By Vitali Shaposhnikov: Slowly getting back into the fight game, Robert Guerrero (29-1-1) is ready to show the world that he is still one of the most impressive fighters in boxing. This coming Saturday, Guerrero will face Selcuk “Mini-Tyson” Aydin (23-0-0) at HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA.

Truth be told, while I have seen some of Aydin’s impressive knockouts, I am not yet impressed. His resume is lacking serious competition, with barely any recognizable names there. A fight against a better known fighter in Guerrero is a tremendous opportunity to make a name for Aydin, but the level of competition is much higher as well.

Personally, I do not expect to see anything less than a pure domination by ‘The Ghost’, with a probable knockout victory. Guerrero has been calling out Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr., and while at this point this is simply absurd, with a few impressive victories, he just might get his shot.

In a article (, Guerrero went into a story mode, talking about his life and how it makes him a stronger and a better fighter: “I slept on hospital floors and I had to take care of my two children so I would have to squeeze in the training for these championship fights. A lot of people don’t realize what I’ve had to go through, but as my wife’s health got better and better, the better I got because I could focus on being in the gym and getting better and focusing on my skills. That’s why I say with Selcuk thinking that I’m overlooking him, he has no idea what I’ve been through, so he had better be ready, and that’s all I’ve got to say.”

Unfortunately what Guerrero had said is true, and his boxing career had to take a long break in order for him to be able to care for his cancer stricken wife. The good news is that she is finally doing well, and Robert seems excited and focused on taking his career much further in the near future.

“Hey Robert, look at me – and stop looking past me. This is the guy who will break your jaw. I know that you haven’t been in the ring for more than a year now. So you know how it feels to take a long break. You will have to take another year off when I’m done with you!” answered back Aydin.

It is true, it has been too long since we have seen Guererro cross the ropes, but this is not always an indication that a fighter will underperform. Aydin should try and not dig a verbal grave for himself just yet, as he is already in deep water with fighting Guerrero. It is always much harder to recover your pride after talking the talk but failing to come thought on the promises.

I think this is a good and important fight to watch, as I think that Guerrero is going to be a much bigger part of boxing then he was before.

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Boxing News Robert Guerrero Ready To Proceed With His Career on Saturday against Selcuk Aydin