Former British Champ Danny Williams Still Won’t Quit: Two Fights Lined Up For “The Brixton Bomber”

By James Slater: Even though he was, by his own admission after his May 2010 2nd round stoppage loss to the currently banned Derek Chisora, a fighter with no remaining punch resistance, 38 year old Danny Williams still hasn’t quit the ring.

Williams, once good enough to beat what was left of Mike Tyson and challenge heavyweight king Vitali Klitschko, has a new career in mind, that of a body guard, yet he also has two further fights lined up.

This Saturday in Germany, Williams, 44-11(33) will face novice Marvin Meyer, 0-3 (all his losses coming by stoppage) and then, in what will be a UBO European title challenge, Danny will face the 47-20(14) Zoltan Petranyi on June 10th in Hungary. Oh, how the mighty (and in his day Danny was a very good fighter) have fallen.

Just why the likable Brixton man is still fighting We really have no idea; maybe Danny simply wants to go out a winner with a belt, no matter how meaningless in the grand scheme of things, around his waist. And Williams has certainly more than earned the right to end his exciting, up and down career as he sees fit. But can Danny beat Petranyi?

In his prime, Williams would have been way,way too good for Petranyi, a man who has been halted 13 times, yet today, who knows? Danny was blown away by Chisora, and he has been stopped twice since – by Manuel Charr and, last time out, Leif Larson. It was alarming to see the once-tough Londoner put down three times against Larson. Maybe Petranyi will also prove too powerful for the 38 year old.

Williams, unless he has ABSOLUTELY nothing left, will beat Meyer with ease, but the June fight, for that obscure belt, is up for grabs.

Let’s all wish Williams the best of luck, but at the same time hope these two bouts will be his last.

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Boxing News Former British Champ Danny Williams Still Won’t Quit: Two Fights Lined Up For “The Brixton Bomber”