Anthony Mundine: The Man or The Mouth?

by Robert Brown – Anthony Mundine shocked Australia when he left a successful dominant rugby league career to follow in father Tony Mundine’s footsteps. Criticism quickly followed. The general consensus of opinion was that MundIne was most likely too old to start a successful boxing career and the risk of leaving a well established rugby league career for a boxing campaign could easily fail. In my opinion the skepticism began when he fought former world champion Lester Ellis who had several years in retirement seemed not in fighting shape and the fight was perceived by most general boxing fans as a bit of a ruse. Mundine dominated and the fight came to its expected conclusion with a third round knockout. In my opinion the fight was a joke and a disgrace to Australia and world boxing and should never have occurred. Of course there was a similar fight against former world title challenger Guy Waters which predictably ended in similar fashion to the Ellis fight.

Mundine has fought quality opponents such as former world champ Mikkel Kessler and former world champ Manny Siaca and current I.B.O cruiserweight champ Danny Green, although these opponents are few and far between when you look at his current record. Mundine has not put himself seriously on the line since the Danny Green fight in 2005 at super middleweight in which he won, however there were legitimate concerns from insiders and the wider boxing community over Green being dehydrated in that fight. My personal opinion after seeing that fight is that Green was a little weight drained.

The last two opponents Mundine has faced were Ryan Waters and Rob Medley. No disrespect to good solid Australian domestic fighters but they are far from the top world class level. This current situation with the man is very similar to what is going on with David Haye where it appears he has backed out on a number of negotiation attempts with the Klitscko brothers. Instead he defended his W.B.A title belt recently against Audley A-force Harrison, who appeared to have no force and put on one of the most embarrassing performances in recent heavyweight history. This fight has not enhanced his reputation. It has damaged it amongst the serious and even casual fans, and he will most certainly have to fight one of the Kliischko’s next to redeem his reputation.

Mundine is now fighting another non-world class opponent in Garth The Hood Wood, a rugby league player turned boxer who won the recent Australian contender series and a guy with a good heart, a mauler, brawler, awkward tough guy, but nowhere close to a contender or world class—his third opponent of this type in a row. Ryan Waters did hold the W.B.O Asia pacific title and the oriental title but these belts really don’t carry a lot of legitimacy and don’t mean much to me. Mundine has held the W.B.A international title belt for a long time now, and I thought the idea of these belts was to be a stepping stone to fight world class opponents but Mundine seems to be avoiding them with impunity. Ladies and gentleman, this is why I hate all these interim belts because on a lot of occasions they are not used as they were intended. These belts are used by fighters like Mundine to fight journeymen and call himself a champion is of sorts is a disgrace.

My personal opinion is that Mundine went all the way down to junior middleweight to avoid a possible rematch with Danny Green. I believe he also thought that this move would put a dampener on the public pressure for the rematch. Sorry brother, it has not. With his frame Mundine can make light heavy and then the fight could take place will it, I do not believe so, because Mundine has said the past he would beat Green easily again. Well it would be the biggest money maker in Australian boxing history take the fight if it is so easy, that’s a message for you to Haye. I’m sick of fighters talking the talk and not walking the walk, because in the end it is just all smoke and mirrors.

I believe Mundine will not fight Green or Cotto he will fight one or two more of these underclass opponents and then retire and call himself a champ which is a disgrace, my friends Australia has had warriors like Fenech and Katsidies who will put themselves on the line to fight the best, ladies and gentlemen then there’s Mundine, there is something wrong with this picture.

Mundine step up or step out. Anthony I just want to see you fight world class opponents for the sake of Australian boxing world boxing and your reputation.

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