Craig Watson “O’Donnell didn’t beat me and he knows it”

30.07.09 – By Thomas Newman: Former Commonwealth Welterweight Champion Craig Watson takes his first step back into the ring in towards the end of August. The man who famously made Amir Khan do the chicken dance takes time out to talk Tyson, Matthew Hatton and how he wants his title back. Watson talks to Thomas Newman from

(TN) What do you consider the finest win of your career?

(CW) Hard one….winning the Commonwealth Title was one but Matthew Hatton was such a big occasion and in front of so many people so I would have to say Hatton because I got a chance to show people what I was all about.

(TN) Which fight do you have the biggest regrets about?

(CW) I went to Italy to fight for an European Union Title on 2 weeks notice. I will never take a short notice fight again.

(TN) Other than yourself who is the “one to watch” from your gym?

(CW) Michael Brodie is coming back and looking very good, but there is also Tommy Stubbs, Karl Kirkam, Darren Askew and Tommy Heffron who are all top lads. That makes our gym is excellent for sparring.

(TN) You have fought all across the UK – which venue ranks as your favourite?

(CW) I thought the City of Manchester Stadium was excellent as it was only around the corner from my house and like I said it was such a big occasion.

(TN) What is the best part of training?

(CW) hahaha..the food afterwards.

(TN) Your message to young aspiring fighters?

(CW) Take your time… there is no rush and always listen to your trainer because they know best.

(TN) Who would you rank as the hardest puncher you have ever faced (including sparring)?

(CW) I don’t think I’ve faced anyone that can really punch in a fight but in the gym I was sparring Darren Stubbs one day and he caught me right on the button. I didn’t go down but it made me see stars..haha..I can take a good shot I like to think.

(TN) Who is your boxing hero?

(CW) I grew up watching Mike Tyson and I remember my gran used to look after us when my mum and dad went out an she said “I’ll let you stay up if you rub my feet”. I used to get a buzz out of watching him so it was a small price to pay.

(TN) Favourite current fighter?

(CW) Manny Pacquiao – he is class and seems to be a nice fella too.

(TN) Your last fight ended in a controversial loss by split decision. What’s up next for Craig Watson?

(CW) I would love to get a return with John O’Donnell…he didn’t beat me and he knows it and so does everyone else that watched it. I have got a warm up fight coming up (August 21st) and need to be kept busy. I would love to get another title shot soon. I don’t care who I fight because nobody in the Welterweight division scares me.

Craig Watson fights at the Manchester Velodrome on the 21st August (Hatton Promotions). Tickets are £30 (Standard) and £60 (Ringside). Please call 0798 4476 446 for more information.

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Boxing News Craig Watson “O’Donnell didn’t beat me and he knows it”