Tyson Fury Vs. Daniel Peret – Can Tyson’s Fury Stop “Shrek?”

by James Slater – Though he has had just two pro fights, former ABA champion Tyson Fury is a young heavyweight who has been getting a ton of publicity these past couple of months. Blessed with an impressive physique that is as eye-catching as his jump-right-out-at-you name, the 20-year-old really is a sight to behold. Standing an incredible 6’9″ and weighing-in at a solid 250-pounds or so, the man-mountain has certainly attracted the cameras..

But Luke Tyson Fury is more than merely a curiosity of a huge guy with a cool-sounding name. Possessing fast hands, unshakable self belief and a team behind him that claim he is the best and most exciting prospect in all of boxing today, Fury can definitely fight. In only his second pro bout, back in January, the confidence the fighter and his team have was shown by his taking on of a guy who had 20 KO’s from 21 wins to his name (just three losses). Not too many novices take on fighters with such decent numbers; not after only one paid fight under their belt they don’t.

But Fury blasted out tough German Marcel Zeller inside three rounds, and he looked good in doing so. Now, already having gotten the attention of the British fans, Fury is a fighter these same fans want to see in action again soon. Thankfully, due to promoter Mick Hennessey getting his fighter out there on around a one bout per month schedule, the wait is never a long one. Next up for the enormous fighter with the fast hands is another durable import, this one haling from Russia.

Set to meet Great Britain’s most promising and exciting heavyweight find in years on Feb. 28th (on the same bill in Norwich that will see Jon Thaxton defend his European title) is 35-year-old Daniel Peret – a 35-fight pro who goes by the original nickname of Shrek. In giving himself the moniker due to his looking not altogether dissimilar to the animated movie star, the approx 260-pounder who lives in Norway clearly has a sense of humour. He also has a decent track record when it comes to giving a good account of himself in fights he has taken in the UK.

At 15-20(6), Peret may have lost a few more than he’s won, but when it comes to fights against British big men he has done okay. In fact, the 6’0″ journeyman has never failed to go the distance when he’s fought in Britain. Will this change when he gets in there with the man who was named in tribute to the former heavyweight king from the 1980s?

In his most recent fight, Peret came over to the UK and he took on another unbeaten and highly touted heavyweight when he met London’s 8-0 Derek Chisora. Meeting “Del Boy” on Jan. 30th of this year, “Shrek” lasted the full eight rounds. Even better when it comes to Peret’s record against Brits is the fact that in a March 2008 visit he managed a points win over the useful and then unbeaten Scott Belshaw of Northern Ireland – out-scoring the prospect over six rounds. Belshaw later avenged the loss, but neither he nor “Big Bad” John McDermott could shift Peret.

It’s clear to see, despite how Peret is no big puncher, that Fury is being matched quite tough – again, especially for such a young pro. Can he become the first British heavyweight to flatten the big Russian, thus making yet another early-career statement? The 35-year-old won’t go over easily, but don’t rule out a third successive KO for Fury.

Fury certainly is one to keep an eye on!

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Boxing News Tyson Fury Vs. Daniel Peret – Can Tyson’s Fury Stop “Shrek?”