Golden Girl Jaramillo Announces The Creation Of “Geronimo Enterprises”

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (May 29, 2008)-Stephanie “Golden Girl” Jaramillo announced today the official creation of Geronimo Enterprises Sports Division. After a ten year career in boxing, which included a stellar career in the Amateur Divisions, Stephanie and her husband, Dominic Gonzales, will throw their names in the promoting ring and produce Amateur events in both Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts..

“We are very excited about showcasing the amateur fighters, they are the future of our sport, they are the ones who are going to carry the torch and ensure that the sports live on for generations,” Said Stephanie Jaramillo. “I want to offer the same opportunities, and more to the Amateur youth of today, they train almost as hard as the professionals, or even harder. They give it their all, they produce the same blood, sweat and tears. Our goal is to provide them the opportunity to compete at our events which will be produced at a professional level.”

As a part of the Geronimo Enterprises Sports Division, Jaramillo and Gonzales created an Amateur League called FUTURE LEGENDS FIGHT LEAGUE. Geronimo Enterprises is currently working on its inaugural show, which will be produced in late 2008. Athletes who are interested in competing in Geronimo Enterprises events are encourage to sign up at the Future Legends Fight League’s social community at or contact Stephanie at or Dominic Gonzales at


About Geronimo Enterprises-( It’s hard to say exactly when Geronimo Enterprises was created, since in fact our company is the incorporation of so many different ideas. Imprints of the Past art was created several years ago by Stephanie Jaramillo’s father Rick. His unique technique and amazing artistic talent makes his work one of the most beautiful art mediums know to man. Ricks art can be found in galleries around the world, and he was also featured on the cover of New Mexico Guest Life, a publication that can be found in the finest hotel rooms in the state of New Mexico. The sports promotions divisions was also envisioned several years ago by Stephanie “Golden Girl” Jaramillo, a former professional boxer. Her goals were to make an major impact in the promoting field of boxing, just like she did as a professional fighter. With her ideas and experience, our sporting division is going to become an unstoppable force in providing quality shows for the people of the Southwest.

About the name-In March of 2007 Stephanie and her husband, Dominic Gonzales, were talking with Dominic’s father, Jimmy Joe Gonzales, about future plans and goals. During this time Jimmy Joe was battling a rare form of cancer, but he promised that he will be part of every aspect of Stephanie and Dominic’s lives. One of the future plans was, through Jimmy Joe’s personal contacts, start promoting boxing matches, as Jimmy Joe was a Silver Gloves Boxer. A week later he was no longer with us. Currently Jimmy Joe is overseeing all operations of Geronimo Enterprises from his main office in Heaven. Almost one year to the day Jimmy Joe’s passing Stephanie and Dominic were blessed with a new addition to their family. Dominic Jimmy Joe Geronimo Gonzales II was born in late March. Dominic II was named after four generations, Dominic-his father, Jimmy Joe-His Grandfather, and Geronimo- His great grandfather and great-great grandfather. Hence the name: Geronimo Enterprises

About Future Legends Fight League-( Future Legends Fight League or FLFL is an Amateur fight community created by Geronimo Enterprises. Athletes and fans are encouraged to register at and upload videos, photos, and other information about themselves as Geronimo Enterprises will use this information for scouting talent for their upcoming shows.

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Boxing News Golden Girl Jaramillo Announces The Creation Of “Geronimo Enterprises”