Chauncy Welliver: “I’m the best B level heavy in the World!”


30.04.07 – Interview by Craig Hardie: Chauncy Welliver is a young Heavyweight veteran of 39 professional bouts sporting a 31-3-4 (11) record. Welliver of Spokane, WA has not had an easy run as a pro with proposed “Big” fights falling through due to politics including a bout with Kali Meehan, is now hoping his luck will change and the big names will come out to play. Welliver is currently in training for his May 30th date with Corey Williams in what will be a C.A.M and Washington State Heavyweight title fight. He kindly took some time out to give this writer the following interview.

Craig Hardie: Firstly thanks for taking time out from your training to speak with us, hows training been going?
Chauncy Welliver – Training is great, and I look forward to getting in the ring again..
CH: Your scheduled to meet Corey Williams for the C.A.M & Washington State Heavyweight Titles May 30th . What do you know about Williams and how do you see this fight playing out?
CW – All I know about Williams is he has sparred some great fighters, such as Chris Byrd. With me not being a great hitter, I just hope to have a bloody war with him, and get 8 good rounds of work out of him, but the one thing I will say is, I am working on my power Corey, watch out!

CH: As I understand it you started your fighting career in toughman competitions, how did you eventually make the transition into professional boxing and how do you think your career has panned out to date?
CW – I feel I have progressed greatly. I was a free swinging fool when I first turned pro. Now I’m just a fool! (laughs)

Fighting in the toughman was very tough, because as I always say, if he doesn’t know what he’s doing, I can’t figure out what’s next. I had some wars in the toughman, and won many fights for them and there are times I wish I hadn’t turned pro and stayed with the toughman, but looking back at what I’ve done as a pro, I’m happy with what I’ve done and where I’ve been.
CH: Many people have judged you on your physical appearance some even suggesting your not fit to fight on TV. Tell us why fight fans should get excited about Chauncy Welliver and what can you offer to the Heavyweight division?
CW – I throw many punches. My motto is it’s not how you look, it’s how many rounds you can go strong, and I can go strong longer than most heavies.

I hope to one day fight the big fights on TV, but not a biggie if I don’t. I’m not out to impress TV producers, I’m out to excite the fans. The greatest moments of my life are when the crowd is chanting my name. It gets my blood pumping heavy, and believe me, it feels great.

CH: It’s no secret you have fought a lot in New Zealand, your last being the 9th of December 2006. Can you tell us about what its like to fight there, the level of opposition and what drives you to keep going back to that part of the world?
CW – I love fighting in NZ. The people make me feel right at home, and the sights are wonderful.
The opposition hasn’t been grade A, but the “Elite” wont fight me. We have called out the very best, but to no avail. I just want to give NZ a great fight, as they have given me many great sights, times, and friends.
CH: A Heavyweight by the name of Shane Cameron (18-0-0) is starting to make some noise out of New Zealand and recently KO’d tough Aussie battler Bob Mirovic. You have called him out now numerous times but he turns a deaf ear. What are your thoughts on Cameron and why he continues to turn your advances down?

CW – I have nothing but love for Shane Cameron, and his team, but let’s get real, I would by far be the best fighter he has fought.

I am a Shane Cameron fan, and it would be an honor to step in with him, but at the same time, I would make him look foolish, so I gotta give his team credit for not taking to tough of fights, but I wanna prove I am a real fighter, and fight all comers on my level.

CH: Your Famous in New Zealand as “The fat dorky white guy” can you tell us how that nickname came about and whether its stuck at all back home?
CW – The nickname came about when I was in camp with Shane Cameron. I was asked what made me popular where I’m from? I replied, “I guess it’s because I’m just a fat dorky white guy and I’m doing the one thing I’m not supposed to… winning!”

As far as bringing it back home, I guess I get called a fat dorky white guy quite a bit, but not as my nickname.

CH: Chauncy your 24 years of age, but already a veteran of the fight game with 39 professional fights. Where do you see your career heading? And will we be seeing you in the ring 10 years from now when you’ll be 34 the age in which many feel heavyweights reach their peak?
CW – I will be done in 10 years for sure. Boxing is a rough sport, and I don’t wanna hang around and get to punchy.

As for the moment, my goals are to beat David Bostice who beat me in the past. I set my goals one at a time, and should I beat Dave, I will move to the next big thing, which would be fighting a top 10 contender, then fight for the title, but none is possible without clearing my mind of losing to Bostice, and that is not an easy goal.

CH: What do you feel you bring to that table that’s different from the first time you fought Bostice, and how do you see a rematch playing out?
CW – I bring in much more experience. I was scared to go 10 rounds that first fight, and now, I’ve been 10 quite a bit and have no trouble.

I honestly can’t say how I think the fight will pan out. I just need to know in my mind I can do it. I lost in front of my friends and family that fight, and it left a really bad mark.

I have to beat guys like Dave if I wanna end up going for the title someday. If I lose to him, I better go to Exxon and ask for a job pumping gas, because boxing wont be for me.

CH: You have been in with many great fighters as a sparring partner, Mike Tyson, David Tua, Wladimir Klitschko, Hasim Rahman and Shannon Briggs to name a few. Can you tell us fight fans who you rate as the toughest sparring opponent?
CW – I gotta say, and not jumping on no bandwagon, I have said, Ruslan Chagaev is gonna be champion someday. Here he is, one of the best. Raw but still badass.

The hardest hitter was without a doubt, Duncan Dokiwari! Whew! He was a strong boy. Nobody came close to his strength.

CH: What do you think of todays heavyweight division? And where do you see yourself in the mix?
CW – The heavyweight division is almost dead, but livening up rapidly. I think Shannon Briggs is the best of the Champions at the moment. I don’t see to many guys standing up to his power when he presses forward.

Also, a good friend, and the best team in boxing, I gotta say Juan Carlos Gomez is maybe the best heavy today, and he has the tools to be a great. He has a great team behind him, and he will be making some noise this year, trust me.

As far as myself in the heavyweight division, I gotta say I’m a player at the moment. Earlier in my career I fought alot, but no great fights. Just building up because I was young and raw. Now that I want to fight tougher fights, nobody will fight me.

I feel I’m the best B level heavy in the World, and that includes Rob Calloway, Shane Cameron, Brian Minto, and guys like that. I’m ready for the step fellas, Let’s get it on!

CH: You have sparred Briggs alot in recent times and you have said you think he’s the best Champion at the moment, whats your prediction for his June 2nd title fight against Ibragimov?
CW – Shannon should win this as he is training his butt off. I haven’t seen to much of Ibragimov, but looking at his record, he can fight, but so can Shannon, and I think Shannon should stop him in the middle rounds.

CH: I’ve heard rumblings that your more than willing to face Tommy Morrison, does the whole HIV saga that surrounds Morrison concern you at all and whats the motivation behind wanting to fight “The Duke.”?
CW – I’m a fan of the Duke, but at the same time, I need to make a name for myself in this game, and I have no problem making it at his expense.

I didn’t go to school to know about aids, or knowing if someone has it, so I’m gonna take the doctors word for it when he says Tommy doesn’t have it. So the bottom line is, I want to fight him to make a big name for myself, as that win would be all over the place. Also, he beat my good friend Joe Hipp, so it would be great to get one for the “Boss” too!

CH: I think its pretty safe to say you know the fight game well, who you got your money on come May 5Th, De La Hoya or Mayweather?
CW – Mayweather. Easy. I am a Oscar fan, and I hope he wins, but I’m poor, and I don’t feel like handing my money over because I’m a fan. I think Floyd will run scared and score points all night.
CH: Any final comments to your fans, and fight fans in general?
CW – I’m looking to step it up, and I’m still young and should wait, but 39 fights later, I better get at least one good win.

Also, I’m making my run in New Zealand, and my goal is to be the best along side of David Tua, so Shane Cameron, step it up and let me get my titles!