Holyfield, Maddalone Flash Quotes

28.02.07- By Michael Marley, BoxingConfidential.com: The presser took place at Spanky’s BBQ Joint near Times Square. There was pig all over the place but I don’t think former Holyfield boxing promoter Murad Muhammad was going to make an appearance anyway. The real good news is that Comcast, the nation’s largest cable operator, is going to dip more than its toes into the murky waters of TV boxing. Herewith flash quotes:

EVANDER HOLYFIELD: “Yes, I am 44 but I am a lot smarter than when I was 43…My story is nothing new. I set this goal when I lost to Riddick Bowe back in 1992. I want to be the undisputed world heavyweight champion. I’ve had parts of the title three different times but not been the undisputed champ. That is what I want.”

KATHY DUVA, MAIN EVENTS: “It’s 11 years later…but Evander Holyfield is back home with Main Events. I am very happy and gratified. Now, at age 44, he is going to win the undisputed heavyweight title.”

VINNY MADDALONE, WHO CAN GET CUT MERELY BY LOOKING IN HIS MEDICINE CABINET: “People tell me Evander is 43, 44…but he is in great physical shape for any age. People say that to me, and I say, why don’t you get into the ring with him… He is still Evander Holyfield and, if I beat him, it will open up people’s eyes.”

MADDALONE TRAINER, THE COLORFUL NORTH JERSEY TAYLOR AL ‘I NEVER MAKE THE PANTS TOO LONG” CERTO: “Evander…is a great champion. It’s a pleasure to work against him. But you’re fighting a tough bull. It will be a helluva’ fight. (Humorously) I wish Vinny had a little more balls…he could probably win. Vinny fears no one!

MADDALONE PROMOTER JOE DE GUARDIA: “We have Star Boxing and Vinny…it’s great to be fighting against this certain to be Hall Of Famer, Evander Holyfield. You know what Vinny brings to the ring. He brings excitement, brawls and blood.”

JON GUREVITCH, VP, CN8 SPORTS: “At Comcast, we like boxing. We like the sport and believe it makes for good television. We are very happy to be involved with Kathy Duva, with Main Events and with this fight. At CN8 we have nine million TV homes in the Philly, Boston, Washington, Baltimore, Connecticut and New Jersey areas. Going to our entire Comcast audience we have more than 24 million TV homes. HBO has about 23 million so our (Comcast) distribution is a little bit more. We are also bringing back the National Golden Gloves and some regional Golden Gloves back to television.”

Exclusive CN8 Holyfield-Maddalone Boxing Broadcast to be Made Available to All Comcast Cable Systems Nationwide with an Opportunity to Reach More Than 24 Million Homes

New York/Philadelphia (February 27, 2007) — CN8, The Comcast Network “sounds the bell” with exclusive live broadcast coverage of Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield vs. Vinny Maddalone on Saturday, March 17 at 10:00 PM/ET. In addition to airing on CN8, the Holyfield-Maddalone boxing event will be made available to all Comcast Cable systems nationwide with an opportunity to reach more than 24 million homes. The match-up is four-time world heavyweight champion Holyfield’s third fight since coming out of retirement on a quest to win a fifth heavyweight title. The event airs live from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas.

“Evander Holyfield is one of the most well known names in boxing and his quest for a fifth world heavyweight championship is historic,” said Jon Gurevitch, vice president, CN8 sports. “We’re thrilled to provide CN8’s passionate boxing audience with this momentous broadcast event.”

Following the broadcast, the Holyfield-Maddalone fight will be available ON DEMAND at no additional cost to Comcast Cable Digital Customers. For more information, please visit www.cn8.tv.