David Price: Fury ‘doesn’t need to look any further than me if he wants’ a big domestic fight’

By James Sexton - 03/02/2015 - Comments

In discussing fellow British heavyweight Tyson Fury, David Price had some talk as though the fight between himself and Fury was a likely one down the road. Price firstly said, that if Fury doesn’t get the Klitschko fight, or if he is in a position where he has a long wait on his hands, the Price vs. Fury matchup could be a good one. There is also the opportunity here to see the Price vs. Fury fight after Klitschko has faced Fury. Whether Fury would win or lose that fight, a Price match afterwards would make sense.

There is some level of excitement in the UK regarding this bout in the future. Obviously after Price suffered setbacks in his career at the hands of veteran Tony Thompson, all bouts featuring Price became instantly less appealing. Nevertheless, there is a sense that you need a taller and stronger opponent to beat someone like Fury or Wilder, and those re attributes that Price possesses.

David Price is 4-0 since those losses, and is well on his way down the long road to redemption, and has partially succeeded in returning his name to the mix at world level. The heavyweight scene is quite busy with talent right now, and it would be hard to say Price is in the top 25, but you get the sense that he is now only 1-2 big victories away from throwing his name out there as a potential title challenger.

The fact that he is 6’8 and has 16 stoppages in his 19 wins makes him an interesting opponent for anyone and we have seen Klitschko take on similar opposition to him in the past. Leapai had 4 previous defeats to his name when he met Wladimir in the ring. It was an impressive performance over the undefeated Denis Boytsov, which landed him that opportunity, as he hadn’t been fighting the best fighters previous to that.

If Price was to fight Fury and win, you could see him in with Wladimir next, it wouldn’t be the first time that a mandatory fighter had his opportunity stolen. The real issue here is that this isn’t likely to happen. Thompson has done some permanent damage to the name Price in the heavyweight division and it seen now as an unlikely that he will really succeed at the highest level.

I do not think he will get the Fury fight until after Fury has fought both Klitschko and Wilder. Maybe by then Price will have some more decent wins to his name and bout between them would make more sense. The thing, which keeps Price relevant today, is his punch. ‘He has a punchers chance’ is heard a lot in boxing, and for a guy like Price this has never been truer.