David Price believes he will be fighting for world title in mid 2016

David Price has been making news again with talk of a world title opportunity coming somewhere between 12 and 24 months time. He has said that his fight against little known Irineu Beato Costa Jr is the first step on a road to his deserved world title shot.

This talk has to be seen as nonsense at this point as he has not done anything since his back-to-back knockout losses to Tony Thompson to suggest he is able to fight at world level. He also does not have plans in the works to put him on the map as a contender in the heavyweight division.

Price seemed to be getting his career back on track with an impressive third round KO over Ondrej Pala in the early part of 2014, but then followed up this performance with an uninspired ten round decision over another unknown fighter before being sidelined due to various injuries.

I think David Price is jumping the gun a little by talking world title shots, I think he needs to keep to the basics and rack up some decent wins before moving up again in terms of competition level. As far as natural attributes are concerned he is ok. Awesome physical power, long reach, tall and heavy, however he is lacking in defence and by what we have seen so far has the punch resistance of a pudding.

Price could work his way back into the world title picture but mouthing off about it before beating a single credible opponent is not the way to go. David Haye could talk his way into big fights but then would have the skills to follow up in making impressive performances, so far Price isn’t able to do the same. There is an impressive future ahead for this man though as domestic clashes with Anthony Joshua and Tyson fury are possible and would sell themselves. Right now he just has to keep winning to prevent his name becoming worthless in big fights as Audley Harrisons has through constant knockout losses.