Teofimo Lopez vs. Jamaine Ortiz Results & Video Highlights

By Vladimir S - 02/10/2024 - Comments

The clash between Teofimo Lopez and Jamaine Ortiz at the glitzy Michelob ULTRA Arena in Vegas ended with Lopez’s hand raised, but the social media arena tells a different tale. fans and boxing experts are up in arms, many of them convinced that Ortiz was the clear winner in a fight that ended with controversial scorecards favoring Lopez.

Lopez, ever the aggressor, seemed to be on a relentless pursuit, but Ortiz, with his calculated approach, appeared to outmaneuver him, leading many to question the judges’ perspective. Ortiz’s southpaw stance and strategic distance fighting seemed to keep Lopez’s onslaught mostly at bay, despite a head clash in the seventh round that slowed Ortiz down a notch.

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The judges’ unanimous decision in favor of Lopez, with scores of 117-111 and 115-113 twice, has sparked a wildfire of debate among fans. The consensus on social media is a stark contrast to the official outcome, with many arguing that Ortiz’s performance was undervalued.

Post-fight, Lopez was all about looking forward, even eyeing a potential showdown with Terence Crawford, while Ortiz remained steadfast in his belief that he did enough to secure the win. He vowed to bounce back, but the noise on social media suggests that this fight will be remembered more for the controversy it stirred than the punches thrown. Fans are making their feelings known loud and clear, branding the decision a robbery and rallying behind Ortiz in a show of solidarity that’s hard to ignore

Last night, the boxing world got a jolt of electricity courtesy of Keyshawn Davis (10-0, 7 KOs), the Olympic standout who’s now making waves as a pro. At just 24, Davis notched what might be his career-defining win so far, taking down the seasoned Jose Pedraza (29-6-1, 14 KOs) with a knockout in round six.

The early rounds saw Davis sizing up Pedraza, like a cat eyeing its prey. By the third and fourth, Davis shifted gears, unleashing a barrage of lead lefts and follow-up flurries that had Pedraza reeling but hanging on. In the fifth, Davis played it cool, sticking to the outskirts before diving back into the fray in the sixth, where he unleashed a storm Pedraza couldn’t weather, prompting the ref to step in and wave it off.

Post-fight, Davis was all swagger, throwing down the gauntlet to the lightweight division. “Been saying I’m the king of 135. Everyone’s all ‘Knockout this, knockout that.’ Just watch me, I said. And what did I do? Stopped him in his tracks,” Davis boasted.

He didn’t stop there, though. Davis threw a verbal jab at Teofimo Lopez, hinting at a jump to 140 for a showdown. “Teofimo’s been yapping a lot. I say, let’s settle it. Step up to 140 and let’s dance. You and your dad, let’s get it on. Or if you’re shaking in your boots, Teofimo, I’m eyeing Navarrete next. After he grabs the WBO, I’m game. It’d be a blast.”

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Fight Results Overview

Super Lightweight Showdown

  • Teofimo Lopez vs. Jamaine Ortiz
    • Decision: Lopez triumphs via Unanimous Decision
    • Duration: 12 Rounds
    • Judges’ Scores: 117-111, 115-113, 115-113
    • On the Line: WBO and Ring Magazine Super Lightweight Titles

Lightweight Division Clash

  • Keyshawn Davis vs. Jose Pedraza
    • Outcome: Davis secures victory through 6th Round TKO (1:09)
    • Weight Class: Lightweight
  • Rene Tellez Giron vs. George Acosta
    • Verdict: Giron emerges victorious via Unanimous Decision
    • Length: 8 Rounds
    • Scorecards: 79-72, 78-73, 76-75
    • Category: Lightweight

Super Lightweight Encounters

  • Abdullah Mason vs. Benjamin Gurment
    • Result: Mason wins by 2nd Round TKO
    • Division: Super Lightweight
  • Alan Garcia vs. Tomas Ornelas
    • Outcome: Garcia dominates with a 1st Round TKO (0:51)
    • Class: Super Lightweight
  • Art Barrera Jr. vs. Michael Portales
    • Decision: Barrera Jr. clinches the win with a 1st Round TKO (1:41)
    • Weight Class: Super Lightweight

Lightweight Battles

  • Charlie Sheehy vs. Abdel Sauceda
    • Judgment: Sheehy wins by Unanimous Decision
    • Rounds: 8
    • Scores: 80-72 across all boards
    • Category: Lightweight

Middleweight and Heavyweight Tussles

  • Javier Martinez vs. Raul Salomon
    • Verdict: Martinez awarded Unanimous Decision win
    • Duration: 8 Rounds
    • Judges’ Scores: 79-73, 78-74, 78-74
    • Division: Middleweight
  • Lemis Isom Riley vs. Antonio Zepeda
    • Outcome: Riley secures the win through a 3rd Round TKO (1:28)
    • Weight Class: Heavyweight