Chantelle Cameron vs Katie Taylor: Start Time, Date, TV & Streaming

09/24/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

Chantelle Cameron recently opened up on Matchroom’s Flash Knockdown podcast, stating confidently that her victory over Katie Taylor in their upcoming rematch will be even more impressive. The two boxers will fight for the undisputed Super-Lightweight championship at Dublin’s 3Arena on Saturday, November 25, and the bout will be broadcast live on DAZN.

The latest episode of Flash Knockdown – Season 3 Episode 5 – is currently available for streaming on multiple platforms, including Apple and Spotify. You can tune in by searching for ‘The Matchroom Boxing Podcast’.

Hailing from Northampton, Cameron (18-0, 8 KOs) delivered a stunning blow to Taylor’s previously unblemished record, maintaining her status as the undisputed champ in the 140lb division. The two had previously fought in a memorable event at a packed 3Arena back in May.

While defending her titles, Cameron was perceived as a significant underdog, particularly given that the fight was Taylor’s first professional bout in her home country of Ireland. However, the 32-year-old Brit silenced the local fans by pulling off a majority decision victory.

Despite the impressive win, which ranks among the finest ‘away’ performances by a British fighter, Cameron feels she didn’t receive sufficient praise or recognition for defeating who many consider to be the greatest female boxer of all time.

Looking forward to the rematch in November, Cameron seems more eager than ever, hinting at adopting a more aggressive stance in her second fight against the Irish icon. “To be honest, the first fight wasn’t as close as people think. Sure, there were a few tight rounds, but I won handily,” said Cameron. “I’m motivated to prove that the first fight wasn’t a fluke for either of us.”

Cameron further suggested that a change to three-minute rounds could be an interesting development, mirroring Amanda Serrano’s recent advocacy. “If she’s pushing for it, why can’t we?” Cameron pondered.

She also touched upon the subject of not receiving her due recognition. “Even now, the spotlight’s more on Katie; it’s basically her homecoming event. But having the ringwalk second this time means a lot to me.”

Cameron is gearing up for a different type of battle this time around. “While I have a lot of respect for Katie outside the ring, within that square circle, it’s a different story. I’m planning to go in there and do some real damage. I know I have the skills to beat her, she can’t hurt me. I’m planning to come in stronger, bigger, and way more aggressive.”

Chantelle Cameron, defending her undisputed Super-Lightweight World Titles:

“I must stay alert and avoid being overconfident. Katie’s a tough fighter and she’s out for redemption. I handed her her first loss, so I need to up my game. Jamie and I have reviewed our last bout repeatedly, and frankly, I’m tired of watching it. I know I faltered at several moments and there’s room for improvement. I’m determined to return to Dublin, secure another win, and continue to build my legacy.

Recalling our first encounter, it struck me that I had defeated Katie Taylor. Other victories hadn’t left such an impact. Battling Katie felt like reaching a pinnacle in boxing due to her expertise. Now, that chapter is behind me. My focus now is on refining my skills.

I’m prepared for an even more determined Katie. She’s eager to settle scores. Hence, I’m pushing my limits. Our initial fight was good, but I aspire to make this one exceptional. I want to channel my aggression like I used to. The grandeur of our previous fight was a novel experience, but having been through it, I can now concentrate solely on the fight.

While I don’t actively chase a knockout, I’m aware of the need to be more assertive. I was too deferential during our last bout. I operate best when there’s an element of rivalry and challenge. Recognizing the immense responsibility ahead, I’m all set to adopt a more aggressive stance.

Jamie and Nigel advise caution, warning me not to get too cocky and to maintain my guard. While I believe I’m tough to take down, I’ll be more strategic, dodging unnecessary hits. Facing Katie, I have unwavering confidence, but I’ll ensure I stay defensive.”

Katie Taylor, challenging for the undisputed Super-Lightweight World Titles:

“Every fight for me is a do-or-die situation. Regardless of the stakes, the next fight is always paramount. This rematch is undeniably important. I’m fortunate to have another shot at redemption. Having faced losses in my amateur days, I know how to bounce back with vigor. As a Christian, the idea of rebirth resonates deeply with me, and I eagerly await our next encounter.

Irrespective of people’s perceptions or my placement on the card, my resolve remains unshaken. The primary goal is always victory. Our previous bout was a nail-biter, and I’m optimistic that if I bring my A-game, the result will be in my favor.

I anticipate a more refined version of Chantelle, but I’m equally geared to enhance my own performance. Our last fight was memorable, and I’m convinced that both of us will give our all for a win.

It was evident that I wasn’t at my peak last time, but that’s in the past. Now, my focus is on the upcoming challenge. Training intensively and having the opportunity to fight again in Ireland is exhilarating. Our previous event was a spectacle, and each time we host major boxing events, it reinforces the sport’s stature in Irish culture. Boxing has always been a dominant force in Irish sports. The chance to possibly become a two-time two-weight undisputed champion makes this the most significant fight in my career.”

Tickets for this make-or-break event will be available for purchase starting on Monday, September 25, for Matchroom Fight Pass Members, with priority sales on Tuesday, September 26, and general sales commencing on Wednesday, September 27. Tickets will be available through Ticketmaster & StageFront with prices ranging from €80 to €1000 VIP.