Chordale Booker defeats Greg Vendetti – Boxing Results

By Vladimir S - 02/04/2024 - Comments

On a chilly Saturday evening at the Mohegan Sun Arena, Chordale Booker silenced the naysayers with a impressive victory over Greg Vendetti, tallying scores of 99-91 (twice) and 98-92. This headliner was the cherry on top of the “Winter Brawl 2024” saga, which showcased a medley of 10 fights, complete with WBC title tussles and a dash of amateur flair courtesy of the ‘Jimmy Burchfield’s Classic Invitational’.

Booker, slightly triggered by Vendetti’s doubts about his stamina and tenacity, vowed to convert “The Villain” into a believer during their 10-round fight. Vendetti, hungry for the WBC US Super Welterweight title Booker clinched last April, only got his shot due to Booker’s slight weight mishap. Despite Vendetti’s aggressive start, Booker, adept and agile, countered with precision, dodging ropes and landing strategic blows, including a cut-inducing left in the third round.

As the fight progressed, Booker found his rhythm, peppering Vendetti with calculated strikes, dominating the ring with finesse, and even bringing Vendetti to wince with body shots in the ninth. Vendetti, tough as nails, absorbed the onslaught and kept pushing forward, but it was Booker who emerged not just victorious but vindicated, proving his mettle under the spotlight.

In the co-feature, Ricky de los Santos clinched a career-defining win over Nathan Martinez for the WBC US Silver Super Featherweight title, showcasing a masterclass in jabbing and hooking, despite a few low blows and headbutts thrown into the mix. The night was doubly special for de los Santos, celebrating both a new addition to his family and a shiny new belt around his waist.

Francis Hogan also left a mark, dominating Dormedes Potes for the WBC US Silver Middleweight title, with a performance that was both strategic and bruising, laying down the law with body shots and jabs that had Potes tasting the canvas.

Alejandro Paulino went the distance against D’Angelo Keyes, showcasing resilience and strategy, despite Keyes’ best efforts to turn the tide in the sixth. Paulino’s victory was a testament to his evolving skill set, navigating through adversity to maintain his unbeaten streak.

In a whirlwind of fists and fury, Angel “Set it Off” Gonzalez outmaneuvered Christian Robles in a flyweight clash that was as relentless as it was thrilling, tipping the scales with a decisive knockdown in the sixth.

“King” Kevin Walsh made quick work of Darrell Rivera, delivering a knockout punch right out of the gate, while Carlos “All In” Vanegas Nunez rebounded with a thunderous body attack against Jaden Webb, sealing the deal in the first round.

Rising star Slawomir Bohdziewicz kept his knockout streak alive, sending Bruno Saraiva packing with a potent mix of jabs and right hands, much to the delight of his Polish supporters.

Kicking off the festivities, James Maner showcased his reach and speed, outmaneuvering Miguel Torres despite a minor hiccup involving a point deduction, wrapping up a night of fisticuffs with a unanimous nod from the judges.

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