Women’s boxing: ESPN’s latest P4P update

By Amy A Kaplan - 11/30/2023 - Comments

Alright, let’s get down and dirty with the top dogs of women’s boxing, the real hard-hitters and ring rulers, according to ESPN’s latest P4P update. It’s all about who’s the toughest, who’s got the guts and the glory in the squared circle.

1 . Claressa Shields – The undisputed boss of the middleweight division. A flawless record of 14-0 and 2 KOs, she’s the one everyone’s scared to meet in a dark alley, let alone the ring. Fresh from schooling Maricela Cornejo, she’s waiting to pounce on her next prey. When she’s not throwing those bone-crushing punches, she’s probably plotting her next move to stay on top. This champ’s got a combination of brains and brawn that keeps the others on their toes.

2. Katie Taylor – She’s the one who runs the show in both lightweight and junior welterweight. With a record of 23-1 and 6 KOs, she’s just battered Chantelle Cameron. She’s fierce and unrelenting. You can bet when she’s not training, she’s got her eyes fixed on the next big win. Her determination? Unmatched. Her focus? Laser-sharp. She doesn’t just fight rounds; she makes history every time she laces up.

3. Amanda Serrano – Featherweight’s undisputed queen. 46 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw, and 30 knockouts!  After dominating Danila Ramos, who’s brave enough to step up next? She’s the kind of boxer who brings the thunder every time. Her fists are like lightning, striking fast and hard. In the ring, she’s a force of nature, outside, probably just counting the days till she can get her gloves back on.

4. Chantelle Cameron – A junior welterweight bruiser, 18-1, 8 KOs. Yeah, she took a hit against Katie Taylor, but she’s still standing strong. The next one in line better be ready for a scrap! She’s a real brawler who’s always ready to go toe-to-toe with the best. She’s got this fire in her eyes, the kind that says she’s not just fighting for titles, she’s fighting for legacy. Cameron is as tough as they come!

5. Seniesa Estrada – The strawweight, undefeated at 25-0, 9 of those by knockout.  After taking down Leonela Yudica, she’s eyeing her next target.

6. Mikaela Mayer – Tall, strong, and fierce, she’s got a style that’s all her own. She’s the kind of boxer who can outsmart and outpunch you before you even know what hit you. Her upcoming bout with Jonas? It’s going to be a war!

7. Savannah Marshall – Super middleweight’s toughest, sitting pretty with a 13-1 record, 10 KOs. Just put Franchon Crews Dezurn in her place. Whoever’s next is in for a battle!

8. Jessica McCaskill – The welterweight champ, a proper scrapper with 12 wins, 3 losses, 1 draw, and 5 KOs. Just came off a draw with Sandy Ryan, and she’s itching for the next fight.

9 . Natasha Jonas – Welterweight’s hard hitter, 14-2-1 with 9 KOs. Just knocked out Kandi Wyatt, and now she’s setting her sights on Mikaela Mayer. It’s gonna be an all-out war!

10. Delfine Persoon – Junior lightweight’s tough cookie, standing at 48-3, 19 KOs. Fresh from a win over Bo Mi Re Shin. Who’s gonna step up to her next?

Keep an eye out in 2024 – women’s boxing is gearing up for some huge showdowns!

Last Updated on 12/01/2023