Who Should Gennadiy Golovkin Fight Next?

05/10/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

With The Third Canelo Fight Seemingly Out For Now, Who Should Golovkin Fight Next?

It was all so simple: Gennady Golovkin would do his part and beat Ryota Murata in April, and then Canelo Alvarez would beat Dmitry Bivol in May. Then, the two bitter, intense rivals would fight their third and final fight in September. But although GGG did his part, in both shedding the rust and hammering a game and tough Murata to a ninth round TKO win in Japan, Canelo, who had the tougher fight against Dmitry Bivol, came up short. Badly short.

So much for making plans.

So now what? Canelo, a proud fighting man who cannot fully accept that Bivol beat him (dominated him) will almost certainly go for the immediate rematch, as his rematch clause enables him. That return fight could be the biggest, most watched fight of the year. But what about Golovkin?

With the third fight with Alvarez now seemingly on the back-burner, GGG has to fight someone else next. We don’t want to see Triple-G take another long layoff (he was, as fans know, off for some 16 months prior to the Murata fight) – he has to fight. Still very much one of the best fighters in the world today, Golovkin needs action and so do his many fans.

That third showdown with Canelo may still some, and we hope it does. But in the meantime, here are some guys GGG could fight:

Chris Eubank Jr.

Not my first choice at all as far as most deserving fighter for the big pay day with Golovkin, and GGG himself has made it clear he has zero interest in getting it on with Eubank, a fighter he has forgotten. But I’d sure love to see GGG put a beating on the man who is arguably the most unlikeable British fighter today. Let’s get Eubank Jr out of the way, finally.

Jermall Charlo.

Another big talker, Charlo has held the WBC middleweight title for going on three years and who wouldn’t like to see him try and prove his mettle against GGG? And a unification fight is never a bad thing.

Jaime Munguia.

This one would be all-action – guaranteed. That’s pretty much enough reason to want to see this fight.

David Benavidez.

The man Canelo is “scared” to fight. How about this for a curveball! GGG going up to 168 for a risky, fan-friendly fight. And how many plaudits would Golovkin get if he won this fight?

Golovkin, a great, has a lot to do and we all want to see him fight a whole lot more before he’s done. Who would YOU like to see GGG fight next now that the third fight with Canelo is seemingly off the table?