Amir Khan Should Follow Kell Brook’s Sensible Move Into Retirement – But Will He?

By James Slater - 05/10/2022 - Comments

Kell Brook has proven he is one of the smart ones. By retiring as he has at age 36, this after winning the only big fight that was still out there for him, against long-time bitter rival Amir Khan, Brook goes out in good health, his reputation intact. Now there are calls for Khan, around the same age as Brook but so badly faded (stopped in comprehensive fashion as he was by Brook back in February, Khan seemingly having nothing left), to follow Brook’s lead and retire himself.

But according to promoter Ben Shalom of Boxxer, Khan is still looking at the possibility of fighting again. Shalom spoke with Sky Sports and he said Khan is still “looking at big fights.” However, Shalom feels Khan will most likely retire as well.

“Amir’s looked at all sorts. Amir wants the big fights. But with Amir I think he might follow the same path as Kell,” Shalom said. “He’s had an unbelievably decorated career as well. We encouraged both of them that this was the right time to retire after the fight. Of course we’ve explored options when they’ve asked us to but it would be a great way to go out. With Amir, he has looked at different fights.”

Khan will be fooling himself if he fights on, telling himself he can still compete with elite fighters, that he simply had a “bad night” against Brook. Khan did say, a long time ago now, that he would retire at age 30. Now 35, Khan has taken plenty of punishment during his long career, his chin never one of the best or the strongest. It may have been an easier decision for Brook to make walking away a winner, and no-one wants to go out a loser. But if Khan fights again it could be nasty. Nastier than it was when he was bashed up by Brook.

Khan, 34-6(21) has plenty of money, he has a fine career to look back on and he should join Brook on the safe side of the ropes. But it would not be a massive shock if Khan did instead opt to fight again, to roll the dice one more time. What do YOU think: will Khan follow Brook’s lead or will he fight again?

“I know he’s interested in fights right now and he’s mentioned names to me,” Shalom said. But which names? Can Khan beat any world-ranked fighter at this late stage of his career?