Will Tyson Fury Be Good To His Word And Fight In The Cage?

By James Slater - 09/08/2023 - Comments

Tyson Fury is giving an MMA fighter a big chance, as in a big chance to make the kind of money he could only have dreamed of when fighting in the UFC, but will Fury be as good as his word and give Francis Ngannou, or any MMA fighter, a real chance by fighting him in the cage? We heard what Fury had to say at yesterday’s presser in London to hype his October showdown with Ngannou, that he would “kick your ass in the cage, no problem.”

Fury has now spoken of possibly fighting Ngannou a second time, this time in the cage. Heck, if Fury won’t give us what we all really want, this the undisputed fight with rival heavyweight champ Oleksandr Usyk, then he should take the risk, the challenge, and fight Ngannou in his ‘house.’ Fury has also spoken about his desire to face Jon Jones in an MMA fight, this another one “The Gypsy King” feels he would win.

Pretty much everyone feels, indeed knows, Fury will have way too much for Ngannou on October 28 when the two climb into a boxing ring in Saudi Arabia, but if the two giants climbed into a cage, it would be a whole lot different. And Fury, who has not taken any chances in a any fight since October of 2021, this when he had his third and most brutal battle with Deontay Wilder, owes us and he owes himself a genuine fighting man risk.

A battle in a cage, against either Ngannou or Jones, would fit the bill. And fans from both combat sports would tune in, more so than they will on October 28. If for no other reason than to see Fury taken down a considerable size, to see the braggadocio beaten and humbled, which Fury would be if he did fight MMA.

“I think I could beat you in the cage. I would kick your ass in the cage, no problem. 100 percent. Personally, I will beat you in the boxing ring and then kick your ass in the cage,” Fury said to Ngannou yesterday.

But again, will Fury prove to be a man of his word? Will Fury actually agree to fight Ngannou in the cage? Fury would no doubt demand a ton of money to fight in the cage, more money than he is getting for the October affair, and Fury would perhaps make some other demands. But IF – and, yes, it’s a big if – Fury did fight Ngannou in the cage, he would earn the respect of fight fans the world over. Which is not something than can be said of the October fight.

So, come on Fury, be what you constantly refer to yourself as and act like a real fighting man. Whatever happens on October 28, Fury should be as good as his word and give Ngannou a real and genuine chance of beating him. That means a fight in the cage!

Last Updated on 09/08/2023