Will Jack Catterall KO Jorge Linares This Saturday?

By Vladimir S - 10/19/2023 - Comments

Jack Catterall is setting his sights on Devin Haney & Regis Prograis following a win over Jorge Linares on Saturday, live on DAZN. Is he overlooking dangerous Linares?

Catteral also says that the defeat against Josh Taylor shouldn’t tarnish his record! Speaking to Boxing UK, here is what he said:

Respect for a Legend: Jorge Linares

Jack’s respect for his opponent is clear, but so is his readiness for the challenge.

“He’s one hell of a fighter, he’s been top over the years. I’ve been a fan in the past. He’s Public Enemy Number One right now, but what a career he’s had! A three-weight world champion, a modern-day Legend. And here I am, can’t wait to get my hands on him come October. I don’t think he’s been beaten by a Brit over here, has he? Well, come October the 21st, I’m going to be the first.”

No Fight Turned Down: A Career Stance

Jack’s career stance is all about embracing every challenge. He’s not sitting around picking and choosing but rather jumping at every opportunity that knocks:

“I’ve said it a few times today, but I’m in no position to be turning down any fight. I’ve enjoyed my career, had a good ride, and now I’m in a new chapter. But I’ve been in positions through no fault of my own where I’ve been kept out of the ring for months, even years at a time. I’m in the gym every day. And I’ve been vocal about it; I want the big fights—Prograis, Haney. But they’re not on the table; the offer is not there for them right now. So, I’m not going to just sit at home and wait.”

Reflecting on Losses: Josh Taylor

A fighter’s record is a sensitive topic, and Jack’s perspective on his controversial loss is both profound and relatable:

“It’s a defeat on there; it wasn’t a defeat, and I’ll put that on camera. You know what? Of course, it’s lovely being undefeated and all, but too many people hang on to it. I think, look at the UFC, fighters can have a couple of losses, come back, and have a great career. People see two losses on the record, and suddenly the fighter is finished and done. But I don’t believe that’s the case. So, of course, I’m disappointed because I truly believe I won the fight. It’s a tarnish on a record that shouldn’t be there. But if I’d lost the fight, I’d have shaken his hand, and I’d have moved on. Not kept on about it.”

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