Sly Stallone Leads Tributes To Actor Burt Young, Who Dies At Age 83

By James Slater - 10/19/2023 - Comments

Whether you love the ‘Rocky’ films or hate them, or if you are some place in-between, it cannot be denied how actor Burt Young, who of course played the part of ‘Paulie’ in six of the boxing classics (well, ‘Rocky’ and ‘Rocky II’ deserve the distinction) added a whole lot to the movies. Sadly, it’s been reported how Young passed away on October 8th, with no caused of death listed.

Ten days ago, Young passed on, and now, movie giant Stallone is leading the tributes to the man who actually boxed in real life before taking to acting.

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“To my dear friend Burt Young, you were an incredible man and artist. I and the world will miss you very much. R.I.P,” Stallone wrote on social media a photo of he and Young together attached to the heartfelt tribute.

Carlo Weathers, who of course added a whole lot of the good stuff to the ‘Rocky’ films, his portrayal of ‘Apollo Creed’ being much-loved by the fans, also penned a short tribute to Burt.

“RIP, Burt Young! A beautiful and talented soul,” Weathers wrote. “He was such an integral part of the Rocky family. “You want the bird? Go get the bird.” Paulie will be with us forever.”

Weathers was of course quoting a Young scene from the original ‘Rocky’ film with the “Go get the bird” thing, this a scene that saw ‘Paulie’ force his shy sister into going out on a date with ‘Rocky.’ Fans who love the films, the original in particular, know all dialogue pretty much by heart. And to repeat, Burt Young added a lot to the realness of the films, his portrayal of the surely, alcoholic meat factory worker as good as it gets in films.

Young was an accomplished painter in his later years, and he always remained a fight fan. To his fans, however, Burt Young will always be ‘Paulie.’

Our condolences go out to Burt’s family, friends and fans at this time.

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