Usyk Front Row for Fury’s Clown Show Against Ngannou

By Amy A Kaplan - 10/19/2023 - Comments

Oleksandr Usyk is not just getting a ringside seat to watch Tyson Fury’s…let’s call it “interesting” crossover fight against ex-UFC champ Francis Ngannou on October 28th; he’s also serving us some predictions.

Usyk, ever the boxing purist, is pretty sure this fight will be a walk in the park for Fury. He boldly states it’ll be “100%” in favor of Fury. Apparently, stepping into the boxing ring without professional boxing experience is a huge no-no, even if you’re the ferocious 6’4″ Ngannou.

When MMA fighters decide to step into the boxing ring, it often feels like watching a giraffe trying to roller-skate – awkward, gangly, and frankly, a little sad to witness. Sure, giraffes are majestic in their natural habitat, but put them on wheels and suddenly it’s a different, wobbly story. Just as these MMA fighters are impressive in the octagon, but in the boxing ring? How hard can it be? Apparently, for many MMA fighters, the answer is “very”.

So, why is this fight even happening? Money.  American fans will have to dig deep into their pockets, shelling out a whopping $79 to catch this fight live on ESPN+ PPV. Let’s just say, many view it as a boxing…uh, “experiment” that perhaps should’ve stayed in the lab.

Fury’s recent transformation has been nothing short of… dramatic. And not in a good way. It’s like he’s been binge-watching Netflix with an unlimited supply of crisps and soda since 2021. If Ngannou can land a punch – any punch – on that increasingly ample chin of Fury’s, it could be bedtime for our Gypsy “King.”

Meanwhile, undefeated champ Usyk, holder of heavyweight belts from IBF, WBA, & WBO, is giving side-eye to his potential December showdown with Fury. Why? He’s probably wondering if Fury will be waddling into the ring after the Ngannou fight.

“Oh yes, I’m marking my attendance,” Usyk cheekily mentioned on his YouTube channel Usyk17, hinting at the October 28th drama unfolding in Saudi Arabia.

Usyk subtly hinted that Ngannou might not be any worse than some of Fury’s recent… let’s politely call them “underwhelming” opponents, Derek Chisora & Dillian Whyte. It’s almost like Fury’s been playing “How low can you go” with his choice of opponents, making it more of a joke than a career.

Usyk can’t help but comment on the entire charade: “Promotion? Top-notch. Actual fight quality? Well, I’ve seen better sparring sessions in local gyms.” Though he acknowledges Ngannou’s UFC achievements, he can’t help but quip, “But UFC isn’t boxing. And Fury, well, he isn’t quite the boxer he used to be.” Adding with a smirk.

On the hypothetical chance that Ngannou manages to floor Fury, Usyk promises he’ll be the first to admit he’s been spouting nonsense. “Guess we’ll just have to wait and see,” he teased.

Well, October 28th is right around the corner. It promises to be a spectacle, if not for the fight itself, then certainly for the noise around it. Fury should win this easy. While MMA fighters are undoubtedly tough, talented, and dedicated, boxing is not their game. They might be kings and queens in the octagon, but in the boxing ring? They’re more like jesters. Maybe they should stick to what they know best and leave the sweet science to the professionals. Or, you know, keep giving us these comedic crossovers. We could all use a good laugh.

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