Wild Man Ricardo Mayorga gets first win in two years, ready for more mayhem – Margarito clash next?

Nicaraguan bad boy/wild man Ricardo Mayorga fought a comeback fight over the weekend, in his homeland, against a 12-17-1 Jaudiel Zepeda. The former welterweight king, fighting at the light-heavyweight limit, stopped his Mexican opponent (who is listed by BoxRec as a cruiserweight) in the third round, as Zepeda turned his back upon being hurt, the ref calling a halt to the proceedings.

43 year-old Mayorga improved to 32-9-1(26) in fighting for the first time since losing his rematch to Sugar Shane Mosley in August of 2015. Of course we all know the fantastically entertaining, beer guzzling, cigarette puffing former champ will never again get himself into title contention, much less actually challenge for another major belt, but he seems set on causing at least a little more mayhem before he finally calls it a career and retires.

The word is the couldn’t-care-less warrior, who became undisputed 147 pound champ with a stunning upset win over the late Vernon Forrest way back in 2003, is chasing a fight with none other than Antonio Margarito. Yes, this match-up, if if actually happened, would be car-crash entertainment material of the highest order, but who wouldn’t find it hard to resist!

Bad guy Vs.Bad guy (Margarito, dubbed “Margacheeto” by those people unable to forgive the Mexican slugger for attempting to fight with loaded handwraps against Sugar Shane, being the baddest guy of the two) this fight would certainly make money. No, it wouldn’t be pretty and really it has no business taking place, but we’ve seen weirder, more bizarre fights come off in the past.

Mayorga almost certainly needs cash, while Margarito, 40-8(27) has his own motives for fighting on at age 39 (the former WBO and IBF welterweight champ last appearing in August of last year, pulling out a split decision win over Canelo’s bro, Ramon Alvarez). In their respective primes, these two would likely have given us a great action fight. Today? Who knows what we could expect!

It wouldn’t be dull though, that’s for sure.