Ricardo Mayorga In A Bad Way, To Enter Rehab To Kick Drugs And Alcohol

Former world champion Ricardo Mayorga is currently in need of help, help he is going to get, thanks in large part to fellow former champ Rosendo Alvarez. Alvarez has posted a video on social media and in it a clearly ill Mayorga, who has lost a good deal of weight, verbally agrees to enter rehab in an effort at kicking his drugs and alcohol problems.

There have been troubling reports coming out of Nicaragua for some months now, with people coming forward to say they have seen 46-year-old Mayorga staggering around the streets, looking for all the world like a homeless person. Mayorga has reportedly squandered the millions of dollars he earned during his ring career when he fought big names such as Oscar De La Hoya, Vernon Forrest, Sugar Shane Mosley and Felix Trinidad. Mayorga was hospitalized earlier this year when he was assaulted by a gang of men who beat him up. It’s not known if this incident was drug-related.

YouTube video

Mayorga says he will now work hard to get clean and sober, and he will have the help of his friend Alvarez to do so. Mayorga lived a wildlife even when he was in his fighting prime, often seen drinking beer and smoking a cigarette ahead of a big fight. It wasn’t known how heavily Mayorga was into drugs and alcohol. Mayorga, 32-12-1(26) fought as recently as April of last year when he was stopped by Lester Martinez, who was making his pro debut.

It is to be hoped Mayorga, a good fighter in his day, one who entertained us all, can make a recovery and go on and life a healthy life. Of course, Mayorga is not the only fighter, or athlete come to that, to have fallen into a drugs and alcohol habit. Fighters especially have a tough time adapting to a regular life once the glory of the ring goes away.

“El Matador” was the welterweight champion in 2002 to 2003, and he won the WBC 154 pound title in 2005.

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