DAZN Weights: Berlanga vs. Quigley, Kownacki vs Cusumano

By Michael Collins - 06/23/2023 - Comments

Edgar Berlanga weighed 167.8 pounds, and his opponent Jason Quigley came in at 167.6 lbs today at the weigh-in for their twelve round headliner contest this Saturday, June 24, live on DAZN at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Berlanga (20-0, 16 KOs) looked angry during the face-off with his Irish opponent Quigley (20-2, 14 KOs), perhaps upset at how he’s been laughed at during the week by him and his team for, among other things, his thinking that Ireland was a city rather than a country.

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This is an important fight for the 26-year-old super middleweight contender Berlanga because it’s his first one with his new promoters at Matchroom Boxing, and they have big plans for him if he’s successful against Quigley on Saturday night.

Until yesterday, promoter Eddie Hearn had talked of wanting to match Berlanga against Canelo Alvarez next year, but that fight is no longer an option now that the Mexican star has signed a three-fight deal with Premier Boxing Champions [PBC].

Complete weights

  • Edgar Berlanga 167.8 vs. Jason Quigley 167.6
  • Adam Kownacki 251.8 vs. Joe 238.2
  • Reshat Mati 140.6 vs. Dakota Linger 140.8
  • Yankiel Rivera 111.4 vs. Christian Robles 111.2
  • Khalil Coe 176.2 vs. Buneet Bisla 173.2
  • Pablo Valdez 154 vs. Demian Fernandez 154
  • Ofacio Falcon 134.8 vs. Pedro Vicente 133.6

Berlanga angry at Quigley laughing at him

“It’s always business for me, but I just feel like right now, he thinks it’s sweet. He’s smiling, and he’s laughing. I told him already that I know their game plan,” said Edgar Berlanga to Fight Hub TV about Jason Quigley.

“I know they’re looking at my previous fights, the fights from before. They’re trying to run off that, but they don’t understand that I’m not that fighter. I’m different now. Everything is different about me.

“I’m back to who I was before. So they got it all f***ked up. They can keep laughing, but like I said, he can have Andy Lee with him, and he can have his team, but it’s only him and me in that ring.

“Like Mike Tyson said, ‘You got a plan until you get punched in the face.’ No, I don’t think so. I just got to go out and do what I got to do and handle business,” said Berlanga when asked if ring rust would be a factor in this fight, considering that he hasn’t fought in twelve months since June 2022.

“I had a long camp. I’m back with my old trainer Mark. That’s another reason why I said I’m a different fighter mentally, physically, and with my sparring. Everything has been a lot different.

“I’ve been more aggressive, more smart, using my jab. My feet are amazing. He brought my feet back. A lot of things are different now. These guys keep laughing, smirking about the situation, but we’re going to see this week,” said Berlanga.

Edgar back to his old self

“Yeah, for sure,” said Berlanga when asked if being out of the ring for a year has helped him. “I just went back to the basics, and he just went back to who I really was and made me that fighter from what I was in the beginning from 2016 when I got with him.

“I’m just happy for real, for real. You could see the excitement in me. Everyone is telling me, ‘Yo, you look different, man. You look happy and are making weight good.’ A lot of things are different, and I’m just excited.

“Like I said, I’m going to beat the s**t out of this dude. I’m going to f**k him up. They think it’s a game. They can talk all the s**t they want. For me, it’s business. I’m just going in there looking to hurt, doing what we were doing in camp, and just transferring over into the fight this week,” said Berlanga.

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