We Are Close To A Mayweather Fight Says Amir Khan

With the ironically named “Fight Of The Century” now seemingly a distant memory, and Floyd Mayweather having just conducted his first media sit-down since then, attention has inevitably turned to just who wins the sweepstakes for his “final” fight in September – and obviously, when that subject is broached, one man is never far from proffering himself as the proverbial “lamb to the slaughter” – and that’s Britain’s Amir Khan.

Khan has spoken out to Sky Sports to suggest that the dream opportunity he has been chasing for the better part of 2 and a half years now, is finally about to present itself.

Referencing a recent chat he had with Mayweather’s less than tactful father, Floyd Snr, Khan said;

“I spoke to Floyd Snr the other night and he thinks Floyd can beat me easily, so I said ‘alright, if that’s the case, let’s get the fight made.’

“Then he went all crazy on me and there was lots of swearing. I’ve got a video – I’ve not posted it yet but I’m going to. I did get under his skin. He knows I am the guy to maybe beat his son – he doesn’t like the fight between me and Floyd because he knows I can cause him big problems.”

After his laboured victory over Chris Algieri recently, of which he attempted to offshoot blame onto trainer Virgil Hunter, I’m surprised Khan still thinks he DESERVES the Mayweather fight. Though he evidently believes he does, insisting that the shared link to ‘advisor’ Al Haymon could potentially expedite negotiations;

“It makes it a little bit easier because obviously Al Haymon will definitely try his best for both of us. We will both be on the same TV channel, we’re not going to negotiate on that. Being with the same team, manager and promotional team means it won’t be hard to make.”

“We are getting very close to a fight, I hope.”

How he plans to win a fight with Floyd when 48 have previously failed – including some of the best of the era, Khan naively said;

“I am going to do what I did in the fight with Devon Alexander. Against Algieri we tried to change it up a little too much – but then again, you can’t take a lot from the fight as he came to win and he’s really tough to beat.”

It’s okay, Amir. I’m sure Floyd WON’T come to win. You’ll be fine.

And if Algieri was tough to beat????

I think it’s reality check time for Amir Khan. Someone needs to have a quiet word……..

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