Usyk Misses Daughter’s Birth for Postponed Fury Fight, Could Make Tyson Pay For it on May 18th

By Michael Collins - 02/06/2024 - Comments

Heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk missed the birth of his daughter on January 28th due to his training for the undisputed clash against Tyson Fury, postponed because of his eye injury that he suffered in sparring.

Missed Milestone, Burning Motivation

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Usyk (21-0, 14 KOs) missed out on a lot due to his training, and it’s a big disappointment for him to see all that time wasted because of Fury’s injury. This could motivate Usyk to take it out on Fury when they meet on May 18th, to get his pound of flesh in revenge for what he’s put him through.

What makes it even worse is whether Fury purposefully got out of the fight because he needed more time to train.

Many boxing fans believe Fury wormed his way out of the fight, getting injured, which some conspiracy theorists think was an intentional move on his part after getting dropped and hurt repeatedly during camp by various sparring partners.

There were rumors of former IBF cruiserweight champion Jai Opetaia dropping Fury twice in camp, then giving the boot after five rounds. We know that Opetaia was sent home quickly, which is a red flag in the eyes of fans that the rumors were true about him dropping Fury like a bad habit.

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“I sacrificed a lot. I sacrificed all the dates that we used to spend with my family. The New Year, Christmas, my birthday, and the birthday of my son, the birthday of my second son, and, of course, the birth of my daughter,” said Oleksandr Usyk during a press conference today to discuss his rescheduled May 18th fight against Tyson Fury.

“I’m not judging anyone, but we must treat this more seriously. This is an important and well-anticipated fight for the whole world. We have to be cautious, treat this professionally, and spend every minute in the ring with attention and respect to our opponent,” said Usyk.

Uncertainty Looms over May Clash

The fact that the Fury vs. Ugyk fight has been rescheduled for May 18th still doesn’t mean it will happen. That’s a tentative date, given the high probability of the 35-year-old Fury’s healing eye opening up during training camp, forcing another postponement.

Although His Excellency says a replacement opponent will be found if one of the fighters pulls out, fans don’t believe it. They think if Fury is injured again, the May 18th event will be postponed.

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