Edwards Backs Crawford, Claims Size and Skills Trump Canelo’s Pressure in Potential Fight

By Albert Craine - 02/06/2024 - Comments

Trainer Stephen Edwards says Canelo Alvarez can’t break Terence Crawford mentally with pressure like he does other fighters, and he’ll lose to him.

Crawford would have the advantage in reach, mobility, stamina, and skills over Canelo, insists Edwards.

Stephen says that if Canelo were a big super middleweight, like David Benavidez, he wouldn’t fave Crawford to defeat him because he would be too big.

Edwards feels that despite the 36-year-old Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) needing to move up three weight classes, he has the size, mobility, and skills to defeat Canelo (60-2-2, 39 KOs) to dethrone him as the undisputed super middleweight champion.

Terence Size Advantage Despite Weight Class Difference

“I’ll take Crawford by decision. He’s a bad boy. I’m not a cynic toward Canelo. That dude is 5’7″, 5’8″ on his best day, and he went up to 175 and won a title,” said Stephen Edwards to Fighthype, talking about his belief that Terence Crawford will defeat Canelo Alvarez.

What we don’t know is how well Crawford would fight at a higher weight, because he’d be coming into the Canelo fight unproven, never having fought at 168.

Beating a depleted Errol Spence is great, but it could be a different story for Crawford, who needs to shoot up to 168 to face Canelo.

“Canelo is a great fighter, but there’s something about Terence Crawford. Physically, they’re about the same height. If Canelo was David Benavidez, I wouldn’t pick Crawford.

“Crawford’s arms are way longer than Canelo’s. He has a huge reach advantage. People may not realize it, but he does. They’re about even in height. Crawford has unbelievable stamina and endurance.

Crawford Immune to Canelo’s Pressure

“If you watch him fight, you never see him tired. He’s got the ability for his feet to take him around where he takes you around the ring. Canelo, the pressure that he puts on you, it’s like mentally breaking.

“It’s like, ‘I’m going to get to you, and if you stop and fight me, I’m so skilled with my counter-punching, I’m going to make you keep running, or you’re going to submit up against the ropes. It’s like a mental thing. Canelo is not breaking Crawford mentally.

“The kind of pressure that he would have to put on to impose on it, is not the type of pressure that he puts on,” said Edwards about Canelo not being able to break Crawford.

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