Tyson Fury’s Logic: “I KO’d The Biggest Puncher In History, So That Makes Me The Biggest Puncher”

Tyson Fury lives by his own rules, and he has his own way of looking at things – he has his own logic. Case in point: Fury stopped Deontay Wilder in ruthless fashion in their February 2020 return fight, therefore, as Wilder was at the time being showered with praise as being the biggest pure puncher in the history of the heavyweight division, Fury must take the distinction courtesy of his victory. This is the clear, white is white, black is black way “The Gypsy King” sees things anyway.

Speaking with BT Sport ahead of his third and presumably final fight with Wilder, Fury corrected his interviewer after he referred to Wilder as the “biggest puncher in boxing history.”

“Incorrect. I am [the biggest puncher],” Fury said. “He was the biggest puncher in history and then I knocked him out, so that makes me the biggest puncher. I’m the biggest puncher, I’m the toughest puncher.”

Even if you feel, strongly, that it doesn’t quite work that way (was Sugar Ray Leonard a bigger welterweight puncher than Thomas Hearns, for just one example of how Fury’s logic doesn’t quite make sense?) – it does in Fury’s mind, and that’s all that matters to him. Fury certainly proved he was leaps and bounds above Wilder in everything pertaining to being a fighter in that rematch. Now, ahead of fight-three, Fury says he will end matters even quicker. Maybe he will.

The October 9 fight may not be selling too well but there is genuine interest in it in some quarters. Just what will happen in the third clash? So much time has passed since the first and second fights. Wilder has a new team around him. Fury may or may not be looking ahead to bigger fights (AJ). It sure would take a brave fan to make a bold prediction on what will go down in Las Vegas on October 9.

Will Fury box this time, and look to win a clear decision? Has Wilder possibly improved on his game at age 35 (36 in October)? Will we see a short fight this time? Tyson Fury has probably got the fight and its outcome all figured out in his head. But anyone can make a mistake. Which of these two heavyweights will have his head screwed on the best come October 9?