Tyson Fury Teases “Absolutely Monstrous Fight” – But Should We Get Excited?

04/20/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

WBC heavyweight champ Tyson Fury has taken to social media, this to announce an “absolutely monstrous fight” that he will soon feature in; the fight to be announced “very, very soon.” This break from the unusual silence Fury has been living in these past few weeks comes shortly after he put out an earlier brief message on social media, this one telling us how any rumour suggesting he was to take part in a four-man heavyweight tournament in Saudi Arabia this December is “total B.S”

So what monster fight will Fury soon be taking part in?

“Got some massive, massive news coming,” Fury wrote on his instagram page today. “An imminent fight date, an absolutely monstrous fight. Keep tuned, because the WBC world heavyweight king is back in action, coming very, very soon. Peace out.”

Some fans, as intrigued as they may be by this message from Fury, may be inclined to say that, if it’s not Oleksandr Usyk next for Fury, then they’re not interested. And it’s not going to be the undisputed fight, is it? We all saw what happened there, after Usyk had agreed to some pretty harsh terms in order to make the fight with Fury, only for the fight to ultimately collapse.

So, who is Fury’s imminent opponent? It’s all a guessing game at this juncture, and some fans have suggested the guy in the opposite corner could be Andy Ruiz (is this an “absolutely monstrous fight” though?). Some feel it could be Zhilei Zhang (who called Fury out for a big fight in China, this after “Big Bang” stopped Joe Joyce; yet if this is the fight Fury is referring to, some super-fast negotiations took place, didn’t they!). While others feel the fight Fury is referring to is one with MMA star Francis Ngannou.

Ngannou as we know wants to try his hand at boxing and he wants to fight a big name. Have Fury and Ngannou struck a deal some time over the past few weeks? Maybe.

Or maybe Fury, ever the practical joker, is just bored and maybe he is merely messing with us. Maybe Fury either has no big fight set at all, or maybe, when his next fight is announced, it will be seen as a monster fight to Fury and Fury alone (David Price for Fury next, some fans have posted, only half-jokingly. Or Big John McDermott III).

Again, all we can do is wait. But let’s hope Fury has really got some massive, massive news. For his sake along with ours.