Tyson Fury Switches Gears Yet Again, Says He Wants “12 Fights Next Year”

11/29/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

We all know we can never possibly anticipate what Tyson Fury will say next, the reigning WBC heavyweight champ having recently stated he is retired, then changing his mind, saying he will fight Oleksandr Usyk, then Deontay Wilder a fourth time, then saying he will fight Joe Joyce at Wembley “if the middleweight (Usyk) don’t want no smoke in February.”

Now, ahead of this Saturday’s needless trilogy fight with Derek Chisora, Fury has laid out another game plan. Speaking with Sky Sports, 34-year-old Fury says he wants to have no less than a dozen fights next year, the fights to be staged all over the world. Fury has once again spoken of his desire to engage in a “bum-a-month” campaign (Fury has spoken about this before, with him wishing to follow the path the great Joe Louis marched on back in the 1930s/’40s.)

“I think I would like to do 12 fights next year, do like a bum-a-month campaign all over the world,” the constantly unpredictable Fury said today. “I am going to sit down with Frank Warren after this fight and see what we can do, see if we can do a bum-a-month campaign and go to random places and fight someone. Go to India, go to China, go to Australia, go to Indonesia, go to Africa, just fight local people.”

Fury says his plan is to emulate the fictitious ‘Apollo Creed,’ in ‘Rocky,’ who gave a local slugger a shot at the biggest prize in sports. The bad news is, Fury says he will “probably not” fight Oleksandr Usyk next year – “we will see,” Fury said.

However, the thing with Fury is this: he is so easily able to change his mind that, before even writing an article on Fury, there is every chance “The Gypsy King” will have had another brainwave and another idea/plan will be in place in his head. Who knows what Fury is really thinking, what he really wants to do?

There really is no need for Fury to go on a bum-a-month campaign; not when Fury has very real opposition out there in the form of Usyk, Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz, Joe Joyce, Frank Sanchez, Filip Hrgovic, Wilder again, and one or two others. But, in light of Fury fighting Chisora again, the question of how much appetite Fury still has for real and genuine fights has been asked.

Again, who can possibly know with Fury? It might be worth pointing out, though, how NO reigning heavyweight champion has ever had 12 fights inside one calendar year. Not even close.