Tyson Fury says he’s heaviest he’s ever been at 112-pounds overweight – but is still targeting September/October return

By James Slater - 06/26/2017 - Comments

Will former heavyweight ruler Tyson Fury ever get himself into decent enough fighting shape to be able to launch the ring return he has been speaking about for some time now? Judging by the unbeaten 28 year old’s physical appearance at this past weekend’s events in Salford, near Manchester, to pay tribute to the 100 years of legendary local boxing gym Collyhurst and Moston Lads Club, it looks ever doubtful.

Fury was a guest of honour at the celebrations and he spoke to the gathering. Dressed in a white shirt and bearded, Fury looked absolutely massive. Never one to try and deny he is much overweight, Fury had the following things to say:

“Well, you can see I’m in the fattest shape of my life, I’m a fat b*****d,” Fury said as quoted by The Sun newspaper. “I’ve had too much curry and pie. I have started training back after two years out of the ring nearly, I’m only the fifth day in – I’ve only got eight-stone (112-pounds) to lose. To be honest, I’ve got a few things going on, I’m looking to be back September-October time. I’ll have a couple of warm-up fights to try and get some fat off, then we’ll go for the big ‘un. But if I can’t beat a weightlifter (Anthony Joshua) then I must be shit!”

Fury of course has to not only lose such a great deal in weight, but also regain his license to box. There are, then, two major obstacles at least to be overcome before Fury can give heavyweight boxing fans what they want: a massive clash between he and AJ. But Fury says he wants it, win or lose:

“There’s no other fights out there,” he said. “There’s only one man in the division and that’s me, whether I’m fat or not. I’ll get back in there and either get my jaw broke or [I’ll] break somebody else’s.”

But can Fury possibly lose all that excess poundage in time for a September return? Will Fury ever fight again? Your guess is as good as mine!