Tyson Fury 18st five pounds Alexander Ustinov 20st five oz

By Bill Patrice Jones - 07/25/2014 - Comments

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Tyson Fury and Alexander Ustinov faced off during their weigh in for tomorrow nights eagerly awaited heavyweight clash this afternoon. Ustinov took to the scales tipping in at 20st 5oz while Fury came in almost two stone lighter at 18st 5 pounds

Ustinov, a cerebral looking individual, looked considerably slimmer than has been seen in previous bouts, still packing those immensely powerful arms and upper body. Fury, as promised, looked svelte, trim and athletic. His physique was a far cry from that which we saw against Joey Abell in his most recent bout. The crowd were fired up as the Manchester showman arrived, and in contrast to his press conference appearances Tyson seemed to really have his game face on as the two went head to head. Tyson announced he’s ‘going to inflict pain on you.’ Ustinov simply smiled off the trash talk.

Fury has been as good as his word. He has come in looking like a heavyweight whose just undergone a seriously rigorous training camp. Despite the two stone weight advantage, when standing head to head there wasn’t a visibly noticeable size difference between the two giants. Fury made an interesting comment post fight that he was being ‘stitched up’, reaffirming his pre declared suspicions that Ustinov was secretly in training for him all along.

This fight isn’t going to be a battle of the jabs, as was Ustinov’s only defeat to the extremely talented Kubrat Pulev. Fury is going to look to utilise his huge advantages in; speed, movement and combination punching. Fans should expect to see a genuinely exciting brawl come tomorrow night. For what it’s worth I see Fury surviving a few scares to pull off a late stoppage.