Tim Tszyu Blasts “Punk” Errol Spence, Says He Would “Welcome That Fight With Both Hands”

03/07/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

Unbeaten 154 pound contender Tim Tszyu has a job to do at the weekend in his homeland of Australia, and the task he has at hand is that of defeating the experienced, motivated and in shape Tony Harrison in a fight that will contest the WBO interim strap. Tszyu is focused on the fight but he is also looking ahead. Tszyu, speaking with Fox Sports in Australia, has stated how Errol Spence “just doesn’t like me.”

Tszyu is angry over the way Spence has picked Harrison to beat him, and how Spence has picked against him in the past. Added to this, Spence has put it out on social media that he will be placing $10K on Harrison to win – with Tszyu’s supporter, boxing manager Pete Mitrevski daring Spence to up his wager to $50K.

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Spence, Tszyu says, is a fighter he very much wants to face in the future. Tszyu has labelled Spence a “punk” and he said he will be “put on notice.”

“The guy’s a punk – that’s why,” Tsyzu said with regards to Spence betting against him. “And remember, this is the same person who also said Terrell Gausha was going to beat me in my last fight too. So what happened there Errol? I’ve never said anything bad about the bloke whatsoever. But for some reason, he just doesn’t like me. He’s Team America, I guess – that’s how they are. But these punks, they will all be put on notice. I’ve got a long future ahead of me and I’ll pin-point all of them one by one.”

Tszyu did say that he respects Spence’s ability as a boxer, but that he would “welcome that fight with both hands.”

It seems we have a potential grudge match boiling up here. But first Tszyu, 21-0(15) has to get past Harrison, 29-3-1(21) while the plan then is for the winner to face injured unified champ Jermell Charlo. But Tszyu has his year all mapped out: beat Harrison, then beat Charlo, and then get it on with Spence. It’s hard to dislike Tszyu’s self-belief and confidence, to say nothing of his sheer ambition.

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