Thurman-Garcia II? Angel takes a U-Turn, says the rematch with “Ponytail” will happen

03/08/2017 - By James Slater - Comments

Do fans really want to see a return meeting between welterweight stars Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia? In truth, the clash the two unbeaten warriors engaged in this past Saturday was no classic – it was no dud, but at the same time, it was no Leonard-Hearns.

And after the split decision went “One Time’s” way, Angel Garcia, trainer and of course pop of Danny, said he was “disgusted” with both the official verdict that saw his son lose his WBC belt and unbeaten record, and the sport of boxing itself. Angel, in his own inimitable way, said he wanted Danny to call it quits and retire. No-one really believed the once-beaten Philly talent would actually hang ’em up, and now, via a video Angel has posted (big thanks to Bad Left Hook) Garcia Snr has claimed revenge will be exacted in a return bout.

“First of all I want to say, thank the fans. And the judges – we had a blind seal in the house. So we had an old, blind seal. So what I want to say is we got a rematch with ponytail. Ain’t gonna be no rock unturned. To me Danny won the fight, they gave it to ponytail – it’s cool – but we’re getting a rematch, we’re gonna tear his ass apart. To the fans, I love y’all. God bless.”

Great words from Angel, but there was no rematch clause heading into Saturday’s fight, and Thurman, the WBA/WBC champ, seems to have plenty of other options. An immediate return may happen, but it’s also likely that these two will head in separate directions – for the time being at least.

But if a rematch does happen, can Garcia do anything different to the first fight? Garcia showed a great chin in the early rounds as Thurman unloaded on him, but he never really did enough work, even in the later rounds that he won. In short, Thurman looked like, and was the boss in the fight. Maybe Angel can come up with a superior game-plan in a rematch, but the odds seem to be against it.