There’s Still A Whole Lot Of Bad Blood Between Billy Joe Saunders And Chris Eubank Jr

By James Slater - 09/02/2021 - Comments

They fought just once, back in November of 2014, and when they did fight, Billy Joe Saunders picked up a comprehensive decision win over Chris Eubank Jr, taking his unbeaten record in a British, Commonwealth, European middleweight title showdown. But Saunders and Eubank Jr have remained bitter rivals ever since; in fact they were at each other’s throats for some time before they fought. And the two men who have seemingly got nothing but contempt for one another have been exchanging yet more nasty insults this week.

Eubank Jr, who says his main goal, after winning a world title, is to get the great Gennady Golovkin in the ring, has claimed the nasty eye injury Saunders suffered in his losing challenge of Canelo Alvarez, was “faked.” Saunders, meanwhile, has said to Eubank Jr how he will “come back and spank you once again, for £5 million.”

YouTube video

Is there interest in seeing these two fight again? Absolutely. There doesn’t seem to be any fake hype here – these two despise each other. And hate can equal a great fight.

“There was no smashed orbital bone, no broken eye socket, he swallowed it, he gave up,” Eubank Jr said to IFL TVF when speaking about Saunders’ loss to Canelo. “That’s why he’s been MIA, because of the shame of what he did. If that [eye injury] was the truth, there would have been doctor’s reports, there would’ve been pictures. The guy was driving around in his car a week later with sunglasses on. If you’ve broken your eye, that doesn’t happen. Simple as that.”

Eubank Jr – who may or may not truly believe Saunders’ eye injury was not as bad as reported – added how Saunders, “if he ever grows a pair and wants to get back in the ring,” can get the fight. Well, Saunders, 30-1(14) has named his price. But has Saunders out-priced himself? Would a Saunders-Eubank II be a big hit if it took place on pay-per-view? Maybe.

If Eubank Jr, 30-2(22) cannot get that dream fight with Triple-G, what bigger fight is there out there for him right now than a return go with Saunders? Would YOU pay to see it if it took place? Repeat or Revenge?