“There’s Not A Man Born From His Mother Who Can Beat Me!” ~ Tyson Fury

Born in 1988, named after Mike Tyson, standing just four inches short of seven feet and fighting at weights in excess of 250 pounds, Tyson Fury is a mountain yet to be conquered. He came to the US with his nephew Hughie Fury and the two of them crushed their opponents just like he said they would. During pre-fight press meetings his words were no nonsense and his temper seemed hardly controlled at selected times but make no mistake about Tyson Fury: he is not acting.

What Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham had on his hands in the ring Saturday night was a real life Mickey O’Neil (ref. the 2000 Movie “Snatch”). After being dropped to the canvas in the second round from a very precise Cunningham shot, the crowd all stood in unison shocked at what lay before them. Tyson promptly got back to his feet and from then until the finish used every single kilogram to bend the contest to his will. Although Cunningham worked magnificently for most of the first six rounds and was leading on 2 out of 3 official scorecards it all turned the Fury way in round 7 making the bottom line a victory by KO.

During the ring-side post fight press conference Tyson was asked about the second round knock down which he was quick to comment, “I’m no one’s [Female Dog]!!!” Cunningham had a different point of view and was obviously displeased with the several rough tactics he felt Tyson employed.

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