“There’s Not A Man Born From His Mother Who Can Beat Me!” ~ Tyson Fury

Born in 1988, named after Mike Tyson, standing just four inches short of seven feet and fighting at weights in excess of 250 pounds, Tyson Fury is a mountain yet to be conquered. He came to the US with his nephew Hughie Fury and the two of them crushed their opponents just like he said they would. During pre-fight press meetings his words were no nonsense and his temper seemed hardly controlled at selected times but make no mistake about Tyson Fury: he is not acting.

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Steve Cunningham: “We have a solid gameplan for Tyson Fury on April 20th”

DSC_1634Media Day Workout Report – The Theater at Madison Square Garden will once again host Major Boxing action when Philadelphia’s Heavyweight pride Mr. Steve “USS” Cunningham enters the ring on April 20th, under the big lights for a 12 round face-off with the English giant, 24 year old Tyson Fury.

On Wednesday, April 3rd, Cunningham held a media workout at the Rock Ministries Gym in “The City of Brotherly Love” and had more than a few things to say about where he’s been, where he’s at and what’s in store for Fury.

“I came up and came through Europe. I’m used to not hearing the USS chants so that doesn’t bother me. We have a solid game plan for April 20th and if Fury is looking to have “fun” in the ring, I’m all set to have my “fun” too. I won’t even call this [Boxing] a sport, this is a lifestyle where people want to knock my head off so I’m ready to get in there and do the same. I have to be ready to do that and I have to win. If Fury uses his extended reach or starts doing his other antics we have a game plan for that too.”

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