Terence Crawford Vs. Errol Spence: Dead Or Just Delayed?

10/21/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

Fans have of course heard the news that Terence Crawford will face David Avanesyan next, on December 10 – on BLK pay-per-view (price $39.95). This has come as a big blow to all of us who were hoping – and continue to hope, despite it perhaps being way too optimistic in doing so – Crawford and his obvious number-one welterweight rival Errol Spence would fight next; either this year or some time next year. It wasn’t too long ago when the fight looked close, closer even than the heavyweight clash between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua we were teased with around the same time. But now, fans are worried Crawford Vs. Spence will go the way of the heavyweight battle and will never happen.

Currently, both unbeaten pound-for-pound stars/rival champions at 147 pounds are chucking the blame at one another. Crawford spoke with ESPN and he said he wanted the fight but Spence and his people were “dragging their ass for months.” Spence spoke with the Dallas Morning News, and he said that, with Crawford signing to fight Avanesyan in December, “everybody sees now who is holding the fight up.”

There is still a chance these two superb boxers could fight next year, but the clock is ticking on a couple of fronts. Firstly, and perhaps most detrimental to the fight happening, is the fact that Spence is finding it tougher and tougher to make 147 pounds; this a weight “The Truth” says he has already been at for too long. “[I’ve] been fighting at this weight for over a decade, this shit ain’t easy or fun,” Spence wrote in a recent tweet.

Secondly, Crawford is now 35 years old. Okay, “Bud” still looks sharper than sharp and he has no wear and tear on him that we know about. Still, we want – we need – to see Crawford and Spence (who is 32) get in on while they are both at their peak. If it’s not 2023, has the ship sailed on this potential super fight? Maybe.

Spence, 28-0(22) may opt to take a tune-up next himself, or he may move up to 154. It’s possible Crawford, 38-0(29) could also move up to ’54 himself and that these two future Hall of Famers could fight there. But again, that clock is ticking.

As for right now, though we have been hearing how tough, durable and worthy Avanesyan is as far as being Crawford’s next dance partner, the December 10 fight has sure come as a big let-down after we seemed to be so close to seeing Crawford-Spence get over the line. On this, even Crawford’s biggest and most loyal fans must agree.