Whyte Lays Into Wilder: “He Is The Biggest Fraud In All Of Sport”

Dillian Whyte has never had much time for Deontay Wilder, and the long-time WBC heavyweight mandatory challenger who never did get a shot at the WBC belt while Wilder held it sure isn’t about to start giving Wilder any credit now. Far from it. Speaking with Sportsmail, Whyte – who will face unbeaten US heavyweight Jermain Franklin on November 26, this his first fight back after being despatched by Tyson Fury in April – called Wilder “the biggest fraud in all of sport.”

Whyte was, he says, offended by the “fake tears” Wilder shed at the post-fight press conference that followed his chilling knockout of Robert Helenius. An emotional Wilder was overcome when he spoke of the dangers of his chosen sport, with the former champ referring to the sad plight of fighter Pritchard Colon. But some people were pretty swift to point out how Wilder, back in 2018, had spoken of wanting “a body” on his record.

“I want a body on my record, I want one,” Wilder told The Breakfast Club back in 2018.

Wilder was heavily criticised back then, and rightfully so. But is Wilder a changed man these days? The emotion he displayed at the Helenius presser sure makes some people think so. But not Whyte, who insists it’s all an act.

“This guy’s an actor,” Whyte told Sportsmail. “Everything he does is an act. Even fake crying at the press conference the other day, I was just like, ‘you just make me sick, you piece of shit.’ I heard that Wilder still doesn’t want to fight me. He is the biggest fraud in all of sport, never mind boxing. Who doesn’t fight his number one contender for four years and then claims he is the greatest of all time? He hasn’t actually beaten anyone of note yet. He is just a cowardly con man.”

I don’t know about you, but assuming Whyte gets past Franklin next month (which is no guarantee, not at all), I’d love to see him and Wilder rumble once and for all. Sure, Wilder has bigger targets on his radar, and he wants a shot at becoming a two-time champion. But from a guaranteed fun fight standpoint, Wilder Vs. Whyte would deliver. Guaranteed. It’s clear the bad blood is very much real, at least as far as Whyte is concerned, and if these two did get in the ring, the action would perhaps prove brutal.

Would this fight last any more than a couple of violent rounds! For now, let’s see how much Whyte has got left in the very interesting fight with Franklin.