Teofimo Lopez Wants To Fight Winner of Josh Taylor-Jack Catterall Rematch, In The UK

By James Slater - 12/02/2022 - Comments

Former lightweight champ Teofimo Lopez says lots of fans want to see him fight Josh Taylor, the former unified ruler at 140 pounds. And, speaking with Sky Sports News, Lopez says he is more than willing to come to the UK to face Taylor – who now holds only the WBO belt at 140 – if Taylor wins his February return fight with Jack Catterall. And Lopez, never a guy to mince his words, declared how if the Taylor fight happens, he will “tear him up.”

Lopez – who faces Sandor Martin on December 10, this in Teo’s second fight up at 140 pounds – says Taylor will not know whether he is being attacked to the head or to the body.

“I’d tear him up, from the body to the head; he’s not going to know which one I’m going to hurt him with,” Lopez, 17-1(13), said of the unbeaten Taylor. “He’s going to think I’m going to the body; next thing he knows, I’ll be going to the head. I honestly believe that I’ll knock him out too. I actually will put him down better than what Catterall did. He won’t come back up; that’s all I can tell you guys. A lot of people would like to see me take on Josh Taylor, and I’ve been calling him out. Especially to do it out there in the UK; I really want to experience that.”

Lopez says he will be tuning in when Taylor and Catterall have their demanded return fight next year; this of course a rematch of the fight that saw Taylor retain his belts via one of the most controversial decisions seen in the UK in years. Lopez is open to fighting whoever wins, but it seems he really wants the fight with the bigger name in Taylor.

It’s open to debate who wins Taylor-Catterall II, but the winner may now have the added incentive of getting a big fight with Lopez right after. But can Taylor stick around at 140 for much longer?

It’s no secret Taylor has struggled to make the weight and he has said that his “future lies at welterweight.” Taylor, 19-0(13) may have his final fight at 140 when he boxes the return with the 26-1(13) Catterall, attempting to win without any doubt this time, before saying adios to the weight division.

Lopez hopes not, as he really wants to take Taylor’s belt and unbeaten record. We UK fans would welcome a fight between Lopez and/or Catterall.

Last Updated on 12/02/2022