Taylor vs. Catterall II Presser = Genuine Bad Blood!

By James Slater - 02/19/2024 - Comments

Today in Edinburgh, in the first of two press conferences to hype up the long awaited return fight between Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall – dubbed “Hate Runs Deep” – the bad blood was evident as much as it had been expected. The loud Scottish fans, there in force to support former unified 140 pound champ Taylor, were not shy to let loose with some, shall we say, colourful language, while Tom Grant (Taylor’s lawyer) and Sam Jones (Catterall’s manager/promoter) also went back and forth in pretty entertaining fashion.

But all that really matters is the two fighters, and, boy, did Taylor and Catterall fail to let us down! Both men tried their best to stay cool, the attempts at smiling through the anger easy to see through, and as the attempted face-off was to happen, things got predictably out of control.

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Catterall grabbed Taylor’s neck and Taylor shoved him off. Eddie Hearn, in the middle and seemingly enjoying the hype that will shift more tickets and possibly DAZN subs, said later that this fight will “put British boxing back on the map.” A sell-out is fully expected in Leeds on April 27th.

Now, to the juicy verbal exchanges between the two fighters:

Catterall began by saying that he doesn’t really feel Taylor wanted the rematch:

“We’ve finally caught him. I don’t believe he wanted to fight me but he’s here now and I’m going to smash his head in come April 27th. I believe he’s on the decline and I’m going to capitalise on that – I’m going to put him to bed,” Catterall said. “100 percent [I expect to win inside the distance]. I’m coming in there to do damage.”

Taylor of course fired back:

“He says he’s coming to knock me out. He’s never knocked anyone out in his life! I can’t wait for this fight, it’s gonna be class,” Taylor said. “I don’t hate anyone, I just don’t like this guy and I can’t wait to smash his brains in – what little brains he’s got. The last time, his tactics were to spoil and hold and steal the fight, and the judges didn’t like it. This time, if he comes to fight, great. The referee this time, if he doesn’t allow the holding……

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Catterall jumps in

“I put you on your arse yer last fight, and you got smashed in your last fight (against Teofimo Lopez)!”

Taylor: “You still got beat. ‘Cos you never done f**k all the rest of the fight!”

Catterall: “You can’t even see straight. I’m gonna smash you to pieces.”

There was then a brief argument over why Taylor asked for a bigger ring (the 20X20 ring now agreed), before the failed face-off; after which Taylor seemed to call his rival a “simple c**t.” Yes, folks, this one is nasty, the pre-fight capers no mere ploy to bring in the pound notes.

Both southpaws are convinced they will win, while fans are braced for a potential thriller. And, as Hearn was understandably at pains to point out, this fight, a massive fight for the UK, will NOT be pay-per-view.

April 27th – Can YOU pick a winner?

Is 33 year old Taylor, currently 19-1(13) past his best by a significant margin? Or will 30 year old Catterall, currently 28-1(13) again fail to get the win over his rival?

Part-two of the press conference fun and games happens in Manchester tomorrow.

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