Sulaiman Says WBC Would “Allow” Anthony Joshua To Challenge Fury-Usyk Winner; Barring Any Contractual Obligations

By James Slater - 03/13/2024 - Comments

What fight is bigger right now than the one between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua? None. And maybe it is the resurgent Joshua’s name that should go first here. Joshua, looking back to his ruthless punching best in his last two outings, has wiped out in Otto Wallin and Francis Ngannou, two fighters who gave Fury hell. And, just like that, fans are now wondering who wins if (we hope when) AJ and Fury get it on.

Eddie Hearn is desperate to make the fight, telling IFL TV shortly after Joshua’s highlight reel KO of Ngannou that the fight could be “the biggest of all time.” For sure, this Battle of Britain needs to happen. But first, Fury needs to take care of business against Oleksandr Usyk, the man who has, of course, beaten Joshua twice. Fury, who hasn’t looked good in a fight in almost two full years, this his April 2022 KO win over Dillian Whyte, suddenly has it all to prove.

Maybe Fury will do it against Usyk, but it’s possible Fury will have to fight Usyk twice. Fans, though, want to see the winner of the May 18th fight (providing it actually goes ahead this time, fingers crossed!) fight Joshua next. And WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman says his organization would “allow” the Fury-Usyk winner to defend against Joshua, barring any contractual obligations.

Speaking with Sky Sports News, Sulaiman said the following:

“The WBC was presented a sanction request which was to fight for the undisputed. The WBC accepted that sanctioning and we accepted the rematch they have requested. But, if it is nothing to do with contractual or promotion, we would absolutely accept the winner (of Fury-Usyk) to fight Joshua.”

Again, the sheer magnitude of a fight between Joshua and Fury makes it must-see. And unless Fury and Usyk give us either a classic or a controversial fight in May, who would really want to see a part-II? There are simply too many rematch clauses in the sport these days, say the fans.

Again, as intriguing as Fury Vs. Usyk is, the fight to make, the heavyweight blockbuster the entire world wants to see, is Joshua Vs. Fury. Of course, another strong possibility is Usyk defeats Fury in May, and Fury, crushed by the agony of his first loss, walks away from the sport. It could happen, and if it did, we would lose out on ever seeing Fury rumble with AJ.

Hearn says he is desperate for Fury to beat Usyk, and then fight Joshua. But is this how things will work out? One thing is clear: the heavyweight division is buzzing right now. And this is in large part down to Joshua refinding his old self.

Who do YOU think wins if Fury and Joshua fight, either this year or next year?