Shocker: Pacquiao vs Spence Fight OFF, Spence Suffers Eye Injury

In stunning news, it has been reported how the Manny Pacquiao – Errol Spence fight is now OFF. Reportedly, Spence has been diagnosed as having a torn retina in his left eye. The injury was discovered during a physical exam. Details are currently sketchy, but some reports suggest Spence will make a full recovery and that he will be able to resume his ring career in time.

For now, though, the biggest fight of the year is off. Pacquiao is apparently set to now face Yordenis Ugas, therefore the show will go on. Sort of. This news has come as a massive blow to fight fans, and of course to Spence himself. Spence has had some bad luck during his career, being involved in that nasty car crash and now, ahead of his biggest, most hi-profile fight, finding out he has such a serious injury. It’s a bad break for Pac Man, too. Manny, at age 42, was going for the ultimate win of his legendary ring career and he had been pushing himself to the limit in training with Freddie Roach.

Manny is sure to be almost as disappointed as Errol no doubt is right now. Again, details are still coming out, and we have no answer to questions such as: will the Spence-Pacquiao fight happen at a later date? Will Spence really be able to carry in with his career? How soon will Spence undergo retinal surgery?

Also, will Pacquiao be able to beat Ugas? Pacquiao-Ugas is an interesting fight, a decent match-up, yet it will come as almost no consolation to boxing fans that they will get this fight on August 21.

This is a stunning news break, and not at all in a good way. Above all, however, we must hope and pray Errol Spence can and will make a full recovery. Thankfully, with technical advancement, a retinal injury is not the career-ending things it used to be.

3 thoughts on “Shocker: Pacquiao vs Spence Fight OFF, Spence Suffers Eye Injury”

  1. Paq should not be fighting Ugas there is nothing to gain and a legacy to lose. Was the Spence injury from sparring??? Or was this misdiagnosed after the car crash? Seems awfully suspect.

  2. This has to be a joke.
    Pacquiao needs to pull out.
    He has not trained to fight Ugas and not a fight that was ever lined up near end of his career.

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