Ryan Garcia’s Power: Key to Victory Against Haney

By Tim Compton - 02/15/2024 - Comments

Boxing expert Abel Sanchez says Ryan Garcia’s punching power is what makes the against the more technically skilled WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney compelling for their headliner on April 20th on DAZN in Las Vegas.

Sanchez gives Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) the edge in that fight, but he feels that all it’ll take is one big shot from Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) in their twelve-round clash for him to hurt Devin.

Abel notes that once Ryan hurts his opponents, he’s not afraid to go for the finish to get them out of there, and he thinks that’s what we could see on April 20th.

The X-Factor: Garcia’s Punch

“Ryan’s punching power and the fact that I’ve seen Devin Haney have to stumble back to his corner. Ryan can crack. He’s not as skilled as Devin, but it’s a 12-round fight,” said boxing expert Abel Sanchez to Fight Hub TV, talking about his thoughts on the April 20th clash between WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia.

“Devin is nowhere near the Gervonta Davis fighter that fought Ryan. Gervonta Davis is more of a tactician, more of a killer who looks for opportunities and capitalizes on them. Devin doesn’t have the punching power that Gervonta Davis and Ryan have.”

Haney doesn’t possess anywhere near the same power as Tank Davis, so he’s not likely to hurt Ryan with his shots the way the Baltimore native did last April.

Haney’s Edge, But No Guarantee

“To me, it’s not a 50-50 fight. I give the edge to Devin, but he’s got a live guy in front of him. The key is Devin fighting his fight, not letting Ryan initiate anything, and keeping him off and one step behind. If he can do that, he has a chance of winning a decision.

“If he can’t and he lets Ryan get in his rhythm and lets him land some punches, ‘he’s in trouble]. Ryan is just as fast or faster, in my opinion, and he’s a bigger puncher. If he allows Ryan to get in his rhythm and he allows Ryan to get in close and get a two- or three-punch combination, one of them may land, and all it takes is one to get you hurt.

“Ryan isn’t afraid to go crazy when he throws his shots. He’s not one of those guys that hurts you and then pulls back,” said Sanchez.

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