Ryan Garcia needs Plan-B if Gervonta Davis fight fails to happen in April

By Rob Smith - 01/18/2023 - Comments

Ryan ‘Kingry’ Garcia needs a good plan-B in place in case his fight with Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis fails to happen in April as planned.

With Tank Davis’ legal problems hanging over his head, there is a real possibility that he could be in jail around April, making it impossible for him to face Ryan (23-0, 19 KOs) in that month or anywhere near that time.

While Ryan obviously hates the idea of taking stay-busy fights and risking his fight with Tank Davis, he may have to because if he’s going to sit inactive for six to twelve months, waiting for Tank to get out of jail, it’s not only going to hurt the promotion, but he’ll be to ring rusty to have any chance of winning.

On short notice, Ryan should be able to get one of these fighters to agree to step in as the backup for him if Gervonta is sent to jail for a lengthy spell:

  • Isaac Cruz
  • Frank Martin
  • Jamaine Ortiz
  • Edwin De Los Santos
  • Joseph ‘Jojo’ Diaz

“If I’m Garcia, I want to have a backup plan in place, not just because this fight might not happen on April 15 because of scheduling issues, but because ‘Tank’ Davis still faces a significant trial in the D.C. area over a hit and run,” said Chris Mannix to DAZN’s JABS.

It wouldn’t be surprising at all if Tank is given a jail term right on the spot after the trial, preventing him from facing Ryan in April. That’s why it’s foolhardy for the fight to be scheduled when Tank has got a trial hanging over his head in which he could wind up serving jail time.

“We saw just last year a judge rejected a plea deal because there was no jail time involved, so it’s not crazy to think that it’s at least possible for Gervonta Davis to be serving some form of sentence between February and March, which would make it highly unlikely that we see a Garcia vs. Davis fight in April,” said Mannix.

Ideally, Tank Davis won’t be given a jail sentence, and if he does, it would be just a short three month job. The reality is, Tank could wind up in the clink for some time and might not be available to fight Ryan.

For that reason, Golden Boy should be looking around right now, searching for one or two replacement opponents to keep Ryan from turning into another Keith Thurman and sitting & rotting for years, watching his career go downhill.

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