Ryan Garcia: Is he ready to beat Gervonta Davis?

Ryan Garcia feels that he’s ready to beat Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis right now without having fought Javier Fortuna yet in their upcoming bout on July 16th.

Ryan has spent the better part of the promotion for the Fortuna fight in calling out Tank Davis, and it seems obvious that he’s taking his win for granted.

The undefeated Ryan (22-0, 18 KOs) thinks WBA ‘regular’  lightweight champion Tank Davis (27-0, 25 KOs) is made to order for him, and a knockout waiting to happen.

Without the resume of solid wins, Ryan is seen as an easy mark for Tank Davis to knockout later this year.

Canelo says Ryan Garcia can’t beat Tank Davis

“Ryan Garcia is scheduled to face Javier Fortuna on July 16th, but there is already buzz about a future fight with Tank Davis with plenty of opinions on the outcome, including one on Canel Alvarez,” said Chris Mannix to DAZN Boxing.

“There’s still plenty of spiciness to that Canelo – Ryan Garcia relationship. So facts are fiction, Tank Davis beats Ryan Garcia?”

“Facts and I’m going with what Canelo said because Canelo is still one of the best fighters in the world. He knows both the good and the bad about Ryan Garcia,” said Sergio Mora.

“He knows his training habits and he got to see it first hand because they were stable mates, but he [Ryan] was with Eddy Reynoso then. They were on a great streak of back-to-back knockouts with the best win of his career, Luke Campbell.

“Then he [Ryan] decided to change trainers and decided to change camps. He had a good win over Emmanuel Tagoe and went the distance. If you look at the resume, he was doing everything great, Ryan Garcia was, but all that is going to be twisted around now because of the change

“Tank Davis, even though he doesn’t have the resume that you keep harping him on, I agree with you on that by the way, Tank Davis is still a beast. He’s a southpaw power puncher, relentless, that left-handed angle, the short stance.

“That’s going to be a poor man’s version of Marvin Hagler, another relentless southpaw with power against a tall, lean power puncher and a left-handed Tommy Hearns. I see that fight going the exact same way. Tank running over Ryan Garcia in under three rounds,” said Mora.

Ryan has a better win than Tank

“Well, I’m going to go with fiction for a few reasons,” said Mannix. “One, the Tank Davis support club kind of mystifies me. Plenty of talent with Tank Davis, and obvious power at 130 and somewhat at 135. But his resume, as you mention, is rather flimsy.

“The biggest win on his resume is Jose Pedraza. That fight happened five years ago. The biggest win on Ryan Garcia’s resume was Luke Campbell, and that happened a year and a half ago.

“I would argue that Luke Campbell is a better win than Jose Pedraza. Ryan Garcia has all the tools right now to beat Tank Davis. He’s taller, he’s longer and he’s more explosive than anyone Tank Davis has been in the ring with.

“Tank Davis is not some volume puncher like a Marvin Hagler, who is going to knock you out by throwing a high number of punches. In his fight against Rolando Romero, I think he threw 25 punches to win that fight.

“So, he’s not going to beat you that way. He’s going to have to get on the inside against Ryan Garcia, and Ryan Garcia has shown that’s really hard to do. Romero Duno tried to do it, and he got knocked out in the first round.

“Francisco Fonseca, he tried to do it, and he got knocked out in the first round. Luke Campbell didn’t get knocked out in the first round, but eventually got knocked out, this time by a body shot.

“I just think that unless Ryan gets careless, and I grant you is possible, but unless he gets careless, he’s going to be able to control the distance against Tank Davis and catch him coming forward trying to land a shot of his own. I think Ryan Garcia wins that fight by knockout,” said Mannix.

Ryan will be in trouble

“Look, two fights ago against Isaac Cruz, Tank had his hands full, but Cruz was a short, strong power-puncher, who was able to get on the inside against another short fighter,” said Mora.

“Those are two short fighters that can bang. You can throw that one out the window. Rolly Romero was slightly taller than Tank. One judge had him ahead, but he just didn’t have the experience.

“Once Tank closed that distance, we saw what happened. He knocked him out in sensational fashion. The same thing happens with [Ryan] Garcia. I think Garcia has moments, and I think both of them actually get hurt in that fight.

“It would be a poor man’s version of Hagler – Hearns where both of them get hurt. But we saw what happened when Hagler closed that distance.

“He was able to knock out the taller, faster, left-handed jab and sharp left hook like you said Ryan Garcia has. I see the same thing happening here.

“I’ll be exciting while it lasts, but you can’t compare the two power punchers. You can’t compare the maturity and the ring experience. That’s the main thing. The ring experience that Tank Davis has to what Ryan Garcia has,” said Mora.

“Gervonta didn’t close the distance with Romero,” said Mannix. “Romero got knocked out because he lunged in and got hit with a counter shot. I don’t think Ryan Garcia is going to do that.

“Ryan Garcia isn’t going to need to do that because he’s going to have such a significant size advantage when he gets inside the ring with him.

“This is the kind of fight where anything can happen. Whoever lands the first big punch is probably going to score a pretty spectacular knockout.

“Ryan Garcia is all wrong for Gervanta Davis. He’s going to have to get inside, and he’s going to have to take some chances. When he does, Ryan has shown that he can take advantage of that.

“He got off the deck against Luke Campbell and then ran Luke Campbell down and eventually knocked him out. I don’t think he’s going to have a problem knocking out Gervonta Davis,” said Mannix.

“That’s a good point because this fight could come down to who can take the better shot,” said Mora. “You saw how Luke Campbell was able to put down Ryan Garcia.

“Ryan Garcia became a man that night. We haven’t seen Tank Davis get off the canvas,” said Mora.

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