Robert Garcia offers to help Adrien Broner

By Rob Smith - 09/16/2022 - Comments

Trainer Robert Garcia has offered to help former four-division world champion Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner get his feet back on the ground by having him come to his gym and stay at his camp house.

Garcia says he’s not trying to become Broner’s trainer. He wants to help him. Recently, Broner pulled out of his fight against Omar Figuerora Jr due to mental health issues, and it’s unclear when he’ll be returning to the ring.

Broner hasn’t fought in nineteen months, and it’s possible that might not be back this year. At this point in Broner’s career, it would be a long shot for him to become a world champion again.

He’s not looked the same since he moved up to welterweight a decade ago, and it’s unrealistic to assume that he can return to the lightweight or super featherweight divisions. Those were Broner’s best weight classes.

Robert knows the 33-year-old Broner (34-4-1, 24 KOs) and feels he’s misunderstood by some of the media and boxing fans, who view him as arrogant

Broner’s once promising career has fallen apparent in the last ten years, especially since 2017. He’s fought only five times in the last five years and arguably hasn’t won a fight since 2016.

“I know him personally. He’s a great person. I know the media and people that don’t know him might think he’s arrogant and don’t like him, but he’s actually a great person,” said Robert Garcia to Fighthype about Adrien Broner.

“Here in Vegas, I’ve hang with him, and we’ve talked for hours. He’s a great person. He’s going through some personal problems.

“I hope he gets better from that. I would actually love to invite him to my training camp. Not so I could train him, but for him to recover and get better.

“Being around world class fighters and being around Jesse Rodriguez and the Jose Ramirez’s. Not because I want to train him, but so he can do something different. Get away from what he’s used to, and live in my camp house and train and hang out.

“It would probably help him out a lot. If he’s willing to do it, I’d be more than happy to invite him to my training camp just so he can recover.

“We’ve had some problems with our fighters. We just don’t tell the media, but some of my fighters have had mental problems, also. We deal with it. We know how to deal with it, and they get better. They get back to becoming world champions in the future.

“Can Adrien do the same? Yes, and if he’s willing to take my offer, I’d love to have him in my camp just to get him away from all that bull s*** in his life and focus on something different,” said Robert.

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