Robert Garcia: “Darchinyan Really Hates Nonito Donaire”

By Vitali Shaposhnikov - 11/08/2013 - Comments

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Team Donaire are not taking Vic Darchinyan lightly, assuming that the bad blood between the two fighters makes Vic more dangerous than ever before. Nonito Donaire’s trainer Robert Garcia believes that finally getting the rematch that Darchinyan had wanted so badly for all these years, is likely to push Vic to new higher limits in preparing for this fight.

“He really hates Nonito. We got to be very well prepared and very careful for a dangerous fight. Darchinyan could be a very dangerous opponent because he has nothing to lose. And I’m sure he trained like nothing before, because he wants this rematch so bad. Now that he’s got it, he’s going to do anything possible to win the fight,” said Robert Garcia in a recent interview with Hustle Boss.

Being ready for the best Vic Darchinyan is a great plan, but I don’t believe that thinking that Darchinyan has nothing to lose is correct. With finally getting this rematch, and the opportunity to skyrocket his career in the most direct way, Darchinyan has as much, if not more to lose than Donaire.

At 37 years of age, Darchinyan is facing a much younger and likely more physically capable opponent. Aside from his lackluster performance against Rigondeaux, Donaire had always displayed great speed and technical skill in the ring. Aside from a few anomalies in the sport of boxing, the younger bodies tend to catch up and force the older fighters into retirement.

I feel that this will be a much bigger challenge for Darchinyan than it will be for Donaire, but if boxing has shown us anything, it’s that styles make fights, and anything is possible within a blink of an eye.

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